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    22 OB with the ebony/brown leather, no perforations
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    I mean, there are TONS of complaints on here from folks who believe they are owed far above what has been promised or stated (or even exists)
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    I can do this with my Google Home, I imagine I could do it with Alexa too.
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    Any way to program Auto Fold Mirrors when locking vehicle?

    I'd love to be able to retrofit the seat memory settings alone tbh.
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    Issues with wireless charging pad?

    I have a 13 Pro with an Apple leather magsafe compatible case, no issues with using the charging pad except when it slides a bit (so the coils don't line up)
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    Bronco's Rotary Shift

    I've never used accidentally touched the giant knob in the center of the car while driving
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    Under Seat Storage ideas?

    Only the Badlands has it
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    No integrated map or

    The vibe I get from Waze is that it's just trying to keep you moving so it doesn't seem as long - once used it and it was taking me through parking lots and neighborhoods, which didn't end up saving me any time in the end but DID keep my car moving and not sitting in a short traffic jam.
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    July 2022 Waiting Room

    That's all fake, you know - it's very fun, but that tracker is just made up. Much like Ford tracking.
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    Possible FordPass recall scam

    Your vehicle info and phone number (and address) are pretty much public information - getting mail or spam calls for warranties related to your car or offers to buy it aren't anything new. Just don't share your login credentials to the app or website and you're good.
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    Tectico LED fender light side marker install

    I'll note that my lights from them came with the left one not working with amber - white worked, but not amber, no matter what I did. Contacting their support was not super helpful, as they just kept directing me to connect the wires that I had already connected. No offer for a return or single...
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    Ford Rock & Bug Deflector

    For the Outer Banks, I'd grab the other version - the glossy plastic of it matches the glossy grill of the OBX better.
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    Future Badlands Owner

    Yeah, I just remember entire threads about folks griping about the B&O while they were listening to Sirius or something - like yeah, poor quality music is gonna sound poor quality no matter what.
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    Future Badlands Owner

    Personally I think the B&O sound system sounds great once you adjust the balance and listen to high quality audio sources.
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    Best low-buck mods and upgrades

    Center console organizer - Side lights - CarLinkIt for wireless CarPlay -...
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    Will the Bronco Sport be the right car for all the stress?

    I actually had a 2015 Focus Titanium hatchback before my BS OBX, and while I loved the little car, the BS is such a huge upgrade all around. I actually get almost the same MPG as I did in my Focus, but that's also because I do a lot of city driving - and with the 360+, getting really good MPG on...
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    Tips on selling used bronco sport big bend?

    I sold my car before the BS to Carmax - they offered a lot more money than anyone else, they came to my house to give me the check, it took like 15 minutes. You might make a little bit more selling it private party, but you'll also have to deal with tirekickers and lowballers and scammers. I'd...