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  1. Bluebaru

    Towing a Big Bend Without Tow Hooks?

    I just got back from the NH Off Rodeo, they told us the only recommended recovery point on a BS, other than the factory tow hooks or a Hitch, is the tow eye, that should have come with the car and can be installed in the rear bumper, used in combination with soft shackles. This would involve a...
  2. Bluebaru

    Off Road event Poll for 10/22

    My brother and I have been off-roading for a year now and led a group of Subaru's, last April, through some Forest trails in the George Washington National Forest. Having just returned from the N.H. Off Rodeo, we are now ready to do the same, in my Badlands. Meet up spot is the 7/11 Exxon...
  3. Bluebaru

    A/T tire test video

    I'm impressed by their tire tests in general and in this video they test "Mild A/T tires" designed mostly for on road use. What's impressive is not only do they test on road but on gravel and dirt! if you go to their web site, you can adjust their weighting system to your needs. But, in...
  4. Bluebaru

    "Soft Roading" in South Central PA

    How far are you from Broadway, Va.? By Brother and I led a small group of Subaru's on some forest trails, just west of there, earlier this year. More specifically just west of Fulks Run Va. You could come down on either I-81 or route 259. It's also possible to get there coming down through...
  5. Bluebaru

    New Hampshire Offroadeo For Sport In September

    It was good seeing you there. In some ways I wish there was more of us but I think we had a better overall, on course experience, with just the three of us. We stopped by to talk to the people there on Saturday afternoon, as well, and of the four bronco sports there everybody drove to the...
  6. Bluebaru

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Today’s NH class 6 road report, after yesterday’s off rodeo. Got suggestions from several locals on roads to try. We needed Every but of yesterday‘s training, our traction boards, to clear some rocks and our electric chainsaw to get some downed trees from across the road. Lots of spotting...
  7. Bluebaru

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Drove to New Hampshire, for the off rodeo at gunstock Mountain yesterday. Did the rodeo today. Also did one of New Hampshire is class 6 roads yesterday and saw a ton, of turkeys. Must have been 2 dozen total, with a dozen or so in one group just a few feet off the road And they just stay there...
  8. Bluebaru

    Lifted tire size.. beating the issue to death

    100% agree but I'll add, there seems to be a much better selection of Sport-ute type tires in 17" sizes, though I know he already has the 18's. I'll also add that if you want to push the limit on diameter a little, a 235/70/17 at 30.0" in diameter and narrower would be a good choice or it's...
  9. Bluebaru

    Flatout Suspension lift suspension!!

    I got the last things I need today, to put my coil overs on, my Badlands, sometime in the last 10 days of September. OEM style top mounts, Camber bolts, camber links for the rear And and the adjustable end links for the front.
  10. Bluebaru

    Mis-matched Wheels?

    You might consider these. I was considering getting one, as a full sized spare with a 225/75/16 tire... ...but ended up with one of these, in Gunmetal, when Discount tire matched Amazon's then lower price...
  11. Bluebaru

    New Hampshire Offroadeo For Sport In September

    Anyone going to the off-rodeo between 9/15 and 9/18? I'm getting there on the 15th and leaving on the 18th and will be doing the Rodeo on Friday the 16th. I'm hoping to meet some of you there and hoping we can do some kind of a meet up, as a group on Saturday? I can see this being just a get...
  12. Bluebaru

    Tire Rack tests A/T Tires (265/60R18) - Falken WildPeak vs Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Toyo Open Country

    Of course any tire is subject to getting a flat under the right/Wrong circumstances. But I’m guessing your AT3W’s were the light weight, oem SL Load rated 235/65/17’s and not the XL load rated 245/65/17’s?
  13. Bluebaru

    Tire Rack tests A/T Tires (265/60R18) - Falken WildPeak vs Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Toyo Open Country

    TR doesn't do off road testing, they do however do great on road testing as well as "Their Track" testing. They put together a team of employees to do these tests. I can't remember how many people that is but more than a handful and maybe as many as a dozen different drivers, for both the...
  14. Bluebaru

    Tire Rack tests A/T Tires (265/60R18) - Falken WildPeak vs Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Toyo Open Country

    I agree 100% on the data driven analysis. It's good that TR has their survey results but if its not backed up by DA it's just peoples opinion based on their own possibly, very limited and outdated experience. When I read individual tire reviews, I look at what they are comparing them to, if...
  15. Bluebaru

    Tire Rack tests A/T Tires (265/60R18) - Falken WildPeak vs Mickey Thompson Baja Boss vs Toyo Open Country

    The Tire Rack has once again tested A/T tires. And, as much as I like my Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT's, off road, when tested against the Falken Wildpeak AT3w's and the Toyo Open country AT3's, the Mickeys got their butt kicked in TR's on road and track tests, with the Falken's being pretty...
  16. Bluebaru

    Flatout Suspension lift suspension!!

    Just found this info, on Flatout's site. It would seem to be very useful to me, when I get my coilovers installed, in about a month.
  17. Bluebaru

    Aftermarket parts wish list? Let us here it! JcrOffroad

    A full set of steel skid plates, would be best but aluminum would be better than what we have on the Badlands Edition
  18. Bluebaru

    FlatOut Suspension ordered

    After a recent talk with Flatout and while I am waiting for the endlinks, oem style top mount and the addition of the camber links, I just ordered, I decided to take some measurements, of the fully extended struts. Extended, there is 8.25" of piston exposed. Now I can see the possibility that...
  19. Bluebaru


    I'd like to thank you guys for posting this info. I Just stumbled across it in looking at "What's New". I had previously purchased a Yakima Lock and Load "B" Platform and had been using it on my brothers Subaru, while I was waiting for my BS to arrive. After seeing the gas mileage hit on that...
  20. Bluebaru

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I took my bronco sport back to a local powerline, to try a few things I hadn’t previously tried before. Used Trail control to get up a hill that had a blind steep dissent on the other side. Set it to 3 miles an hour, which seemed terribly slow at first but was glad of it when we got to the...