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  1. Is it big enough?

    Difference in size between BS and Ranger not enough to not have the extra inside space for our dog. The BS actually has more leg room in the back. Have to learn to take advantage of all of the options (roof rack and trailer hitch) for those times when packing a lot of cargo.
  2. Does Badlands come with any floor mats if you don't get any of the optional liners?

    That's what I figured. I didn't order any of the rubber liners, as I was going to just see what things were like and choose between ford and weathertech.
  3. Order Deposit Amount?

    Wow, $500 below invoice is insane, especially for a new vehicle that is flying off the lots. I had to go 200 miles away just to get someone to go below MSRP. Get ready for a very hard push for you to buy accessories and extended warranty once it comes in.
  4. Reliability and Recalls

    Consumer Reports much like the BBB is paid by companies to make their products/services appear better than they are.
  5. First night

    What set up is that? Do you have a moonroof?
  6. Our roof top tent setup

    Way too heavy for such a small tent.
  7. Big Bend hard to add fuel

    Maybe they make pump nozzles different in Canada? I have never heard of this issue.
  8. Will mountain bike fit inside without removing tires?

    So if all of these bikes are fitting, why is James needing to take his back seat out?
  9. Will mountain bike fit inside without removing tires?

    Does the bike have to be at an angle (so you can't fit two) or it is just swinging that way in the pic?
  10. Will mountain bike fit inside without removing tires?

    Badlands cargo deck is higher than other trims to fit full size spare tire. James started thread on how to remove seat in order to get his bike to fit in Big Bend trim. This makes me assume that there is no chance in hell that a standard adult mountain bike can fit in a badlands. This safari...
  11. Will mountain bike fit inside without removing tires?

    Not possible without taking at least the front tire off and considering someone had to take their back seat out in order to get their bikes to fit in a non badlands(less height), I am going to say it is impossible to put a mountain bike in unless it's a kids bike.
  12. Remove Rear Bench Seat From Bronco Sport - How-To

    So why don't the bikes fit like the marketing claims?
  13. Remove Rear Bench Seat From Bronco Sport - How-To

    Yeah, the full sized spare in the cargo area is stupid as it took the benefit of the safari roof away, not to mention eating up precious cargo area. Tailgate swing away mount is the only way to go.
  14. Production Week Scheduling

    Got notice that my BL+BL is scheduled for week of 05/17. I ordered 2/3 How are people getting VIN#'s? Update: Received email stating build date moved up to the week of 5/10. It also provided a tracking link with VIN.
  15. Our roof top tent setup

    How big is the tent? Would like to see it opened.
  16. Roof weight limit real world

    In the end the roof takes the load. The moonroof will Crack under stress.
  17. Roof weight limit real world

    Dynamic is load when vehicle is in motion. Live is when vehicle is not.
  18. Roof weight limit real world

    No, once you get badlands package for anything, the moonroof is included, no ifs, buts or whatever
  19. Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    I used to drive my old mercury mariner with lumber out the glass opening at 45 mph in the city with no problem. Just used bungy cords to hold in place.
  20. Market Adjustment Price Markup

    Use and search the distance you would travel. I will tell you if you look in the Kansas city area you will find a dealership that sells all of their vehicle at $50 above invoice.