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  1. tombstone81

    Ordering Process

    I think it's different between Ford Canada and Ford US as well? I didn't get anything back from Ford either but my dealership swears it's in the queue and they have had confirmation back from Ford. Sure hope that's the case because when I call Ford Canada, they don't have any record of my...
  2. tombstone81

    If your second choice color was available now at a dealership would you go for it?

    Agree 100%. If you keep your vehicles for a decade or more like I do...the first year satisfaction of "instant gratification" will wear off long before the 9 years after that of remorseful staring at in the driveway going "damn I really wish I would have gotten the colour I wanted!"
  3. tombstone81

    Autoblog's Badlands Road Test | “The best version on pavement, too”

    Yeah it makes no sense to me. Just because I want the additional 4WD capability for my time on mountain trails...doesn't mean I don't want all the creature comforts associated with the 90% of driving I'm going to do in the urban jungle! Ford dropped the ball on that one, and a fully loaded...
  4. tombstone81

    If your second choice color was available now at a dealership would you go for it?

    That's a shame, sorry to hear about the poor service. Nothing like setting you back 2-and-a-half weeks in the queue unnecessarily. If Alto Blue had not been an option, I would have considered Carbonized Grey, Iconic Silver or Rapid Red. Never been a fan of white or black vehicles in any make...
  5. tombstone81

    If your second choice color was available now at a dealership would you go for it?

    I've hummed and hawed about it but have decided nope, I'm waiting for EXACTLY what I want even if it means a mid-summer delivery! I tend to keep my vehicles for a decade or more (some as long as two decades) so as much as I want to go play in the snow and the mountains with my new Badlands...
  6. tombstone81

    Bronco Sport vs Jeep Compass Trailhawk -- MotorTrend Comparison Review

    I don't think it's a question of "easier or harder", it's simply a matter of preference. I clearly loved the BS Badlands enough to commit to a purchase even with its modern fittings, but I DEFINITELY would prefer a gear shift handle. I'm 50 and every vehicle I've had has had a gear shift I...
  7. tombstone81

    Bronco Sport recall: Rear suspension may not be fully secured to subframe (1,666 vehicles affected)

    Official Ford notice: DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 18, 2021 Safety recall for 1,666 Ford Bronco Sport vehicles Affected 2021 Ford Bronco Sport vehicles were produced with rear suspension modules that may not be fully secured to the subframe. Rear suspension modules with loose or missing bolts may...
  8. tombstone81

    Wait Time between each Order Status

    Wonder if there is much difference between Canadian orders and US orders? I ordered mine on January 26th, dealer confirmed submission into the system same day, no build date yet at all. At least I got confirmation that the order was in the system.
  9. tombstone81

    Hello from Sierra Vista AZ

    Freezing our butts off up in Alberta. Been minus bazillion here for what seems like weeks...looking forward to a temperature reprieve! Maybe I’ll get my Badlands in time for summer temps 😎
  10. tombstone81

    Hello from Central Ohio

    Your dealer shouldn't have told you the Bronco Sport was built in the USA...because it's built at their Hermosillo, Mexico plant. It's been delivering the quality Ford Fusion and its cousin the Lincoln MKZ for more than a decade now, so I'm not concerned about quality.
  11. tombstone81

    Heyo - any fellow Canadians here?

    Fellow Canuck here...ordered mine mid-January and dealer still doesn't even have any kind of a confirmation back from Ford! Of course, I apparently went and picked the most rare colour and a slew of options, so I'm no doubt at the back of the supply chain bus!! Probably 4-6 months before I see...
  12. tombstone81

    Any Cyber Orange Bronco Sport deliveries yet?

    Can't figure out why they call it "orange". Sure looks yellow to me in every picture I've seen.
  13. tombstone81

    Bronco Sport vs Jeep Compass Trailhawk -- MotorTrend Comparison Review

    I couldn't believe how brutal the headroom was in the Jeep Trailhawk and the Toyota 4Runner. I'm 6'3" and even with the moonroof, my hair isn't touching the top of the Bronco Sport. And the floor is deeper too which makes for way more comfortable upright seating. I love the 4Runners and the...
  14. tombstone81

    Throttle House Bronco Sport Badlands Review

    Agree with all the posts here. I knew exactly what I was ordering after my two test drives. I wanted a vehicle that had all the horsepower, interior creature comforts and smooth(ish) ride of a unibody CUV...but also something that allowed me to get into places I'd never go with a Mazda CX-9...
  15. tombstone81

    Hello from Central Ohio

    Welcome! Which version/colour/options did you order?
  16. tombstone81

    Thoughts on sun strip?

    Looks sharp to me, but could never install one on mine. I'm 6'3" and while the Baby Bronc is super comfortable for me to biggest annoyance was the inability to see stoplights from the front row. The roofline combined with my height makes for a big blind spot that I have to duck...
  17. tombstone81

    Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Very nice, is that the one from Cochrane Ford? I took it for two test drives (both with huge grins on my face) before confidently putting in my factory order. Probably should have just grabbed that one as now you're enjoying it while I wait for months for mine to be built and delivered!
  18. tombstone81

    3 Week, 900 (almost) mile Bronco Sport Badlands review & thoughts (including off-road)

    LOL, I'm sure my wife will have divorced me long before I take delivery. Every day it's all I can talk about... researching tires, accessories, trailers, off-road trail excursions, this forum, etc. Hopefully by the time I can actually pick it up and drive it, the novelty will have ratcheted...
  19. tombstone81

    Wait Time between each Order Status

    yeah, I'm hoping for 5-6 months but considering all the options I ordered (basically everything I could get on her, minus the cargo storage system) I could be one of the last guys to receive mine! Hey, maybe I will get a 2022 model for the price of a 2021, lol.
  20. tombstone81

    Wait Time between each Order Status

    I hate the thought of waiting 5-6 months for this cool new toy, but I try to look on the bright side and think "hey, every month that goes by without a $600 payment is okay by me!". Thankfully my old Flex just keeps on rolling and should get me through to Baby Bronco delivery day, whenever...