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  1. BagOJuice

    Ford Bronco engine review

    Got a Badlands, so i have the 2L and have been loving the feel of it. This is my first Ford and i have to say i am very impressed with this thing. It has had more than enough power for everything Ive thrown at it so far. Plus more than enough power to pass and merge onto the highway quickly.
  2. BagOJuice

    Rough Country Lighting Options for 2021 Bronco Sport

    Man i cannot wait until more features like this to come out for the sport.... looks great
  3. BagOJuice

    Bronco Sport recall: Rear suspension may not be fully secured to subframe (1,666 vehicles affected)

    hmmm my badlands was made at Hermosillo... wonder when they will start calls for this... i havent noticed anything that felt concerning during my 800+ miles driving so far... but ya never know. Thanks for the link
  4. BagOJuice

    Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    Dude epic picture! Love it
  5. BagOJuice

    Brushless car wash

    I have a black BS also, I really want to handwash only but with it being 15 degrees and dumping snow recently by me , my hose being away for the winter and the roads caked in salt. I bit the bullet and went to one of the places you described. No brushes, just soap, hose and air. All went well...
  6. BagOJuice

    ❄️ Let's see your Bronco Sport in the snow!

    Not a full body pic but thought this was a pretty cool shot of the front of my Badlands
  7. BagOJuice

    Scorpion vs Wildpeak

    Current owner of a BS Badlands with the Pirelli Scorpion AT tires, thinking about picking up the Wildpeak 235s... any input on one vs the other in terms of MPG impact? I'm currently just under 800 miles driven and averaging 26.2 mpg total. My last road trip to go snowboarding i averaged 30...
  8. BagOJuice

    Winter Car Washing Tips?

    I’ll check those products out... thanks!
  9. BagOJuice

    Winter Car Washing Tips?

    Ill probably end up taking her in as its in the 20's near me, not sure how much i wanna deal with that! Cheers... your Bronco looks great in your pic.
  10. BagOJuice

    Winter Car Washing Tips?

    Any product recommendations or tips on car washing throughout the winter months? (While googling i found rinseless car wash spray but that sounds absurd to me) The roads by me can be pretty brutal with salt and I detached the hose for the winter due to freezing concerns. Going on a road trip...
  11. BagOJuice

    Bikes In the Cargo Area

    Interesting.... here’s to hoping my 27.5 Ghost Kato fits... was really looking forward to being able to fit her inside the BS. I guess a small consolation if it doesn’t would be less mud in the cargo area! I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to fit mine with the dropper post down all the way though.
  12. BagOJuice

    3 Week, 900 (almost) mile Bronco Sport Badlands review & thoughts (including off-road)

    Ive definitely been noticing better MPG the more i drive my Badlands... My first few drives i was a little underwhelmed with the mpg but recently got 28.5 avg mpg on a road trip the other day and have noticed a definite improvement overall. I wonder if its due to a break in period or me just...
  13. BagOJuice

    Did some off-roading today. High centered, and driving through deep crusty snow

    Good stuff! Cant wait to take my Badlands off road, your story makes me a bit more confident now too. Here in the North East were getting slammed with a blizzard and took about an hour cruise through and couldnt be more impressed. Cars already pulling off the side of the road, a few accidents...
  14. BagOJuice

    Thoughts about BL without the Extra BL Package?

    I have a Badlands without BL package and i absolutely love it. For me, i actually prefer the cloth seats. Mine are black cloth with area 51 trim and look sharp and are still heated. As someone who is big into backpacking, camping, mountain biking etc, i wanted cloth over leather for durability...
  15. BagOJuice

    Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    owner of a shadow black bronco sport badlands here...Absolutely loving it. Can’t even count the amount of compliments I’ve gotten so far on it and the amount of people asking me about it. I’m huge into hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding and all sorts of outdoor...
  16. BagOJuice

    Bronco Sport Off-Road Driving Impressions

    Good stuff. Thanks for posting. Cant wait to take mine out on some trails, been trying to find some stuff like this to read! Now comes the hard part... finding some trails by me...
  17. BagOJuice

    Any idea on recommended tire pressure for Pirelli Scorpion AT tires on Badlands?

    I'm curious about the recommended PSI for the Pirelli Scorpion AT tires on the Badlands trim? When i picked it up the other day from the dealership the PSI was at 42 and i thought that seemed really high. Dont know if its just something about the tires i am unaware of or anything. Just lowered...
  18. BagOJuice

    What did you do WITH your Bronco Sport today?

    The rest of the seat is the black cloth material aside from the stitching which is the Area 51 blue color.
  19. BagOJuice

    What did you do WITH your Bronco Sport today?

    No problem, im glad i went with the blue trim. I think it looks really sharp, was thinking this or orange myself. Sorry the quality isnt the best but here ya go...