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  1. Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    Came by this one today. Nice.
  2. Any Complaints so far?

    That's my second favorite exterior color.
  3. I want.

    Rip them into high quality MP3s and stick them on USB stick instead.
  4. 2021 Bronco Sport Order Guide! (Options, Packages, Equipment, Accessories Revealed)

    Thanks. You said Badlands originally. That above mentions Outer Banks only. Didn't fully ready your reply there. Wonder what's that "Updated USB Ports" item is all about.
  5. What dealer markups did you get on your Bronco Sport?

    That should pretty much tell you everything you need to know. It's your money though.
  6. Autoblog's Badlands Road Test | “The best version on pavement, too”

    Ambient lighting would've been nice on BL. Oh well.
  7. Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    What did you get covered with film protection?
  8. Anyone have rear spoiler?

    In the accessories list it says "no-drill installation using 3M double-sided tape and 3M 540 adhesive".
  9. Ford owner account and order tracking

    Never mind... looks like I just never fully completed the account setup. Was able to access it through the app and/or owner web site now. I see that once I have VIN I can add a vehicle right there. Thanks again.
  10. Bronco Sport recall: Rear suspension may not be fully secured to subframe (1,666 vehicles affected)

    Thanks, at least I know which route to go. Weirdly signing into FordPass app with credentials from didn't work. May be those 2 are different and that's why I couldn't figure it out in the first place. I'm basically new to Ford. Never mind, my mistake... looks like I just never...
  11. Bronco Sport recall: Rear suspension may not be fully secured to subframe (1,666 vehicles affected)

    A side question I asked on another forum: how did you tie your Bronco to your Ford owner account? I had an existing account when I ordered my BL, which I am months away from getting. Thanks.
  12. Ford owner account and order tracking

    I'm new to Ford so apologies if this might be obvious to some of you. I setup new Ford owner account a couple of weeks ago. Had BS order submitted for me by the dealer against the same email account I registered with on Ford owner site. Is there any way to track the order status through my Ford...
  13. When to order?

    Agreed. I am committed now.
  14. When to order?

    The answer to my own question of "when" is - today. 😁 Made a deposit earlier today and had dealer submit a Borderlands + Borderlands package order for me. And the wait begins. I am patient. :ninja:
  15. Big Bend hard to add fuel

    Keeps us all posted please.
  16. What if I order but changed my mind?

    My dealer said refundable after they sell mine.
  17. Anyone notice the inconsistency on Ford's site pricing Badlands?

    Reported it to Ford earlier today as it still appears to be the issue. Representative was only able to reproduce it after changing zip code to match mine. So it must be region specific issue.
  18. Production Week Scheduling

    Honestly, I don't get how to process or reconcile that. 🤔