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  1. Robisten8

    Bronco Sport Report - Killing it in the Texas Snowpocolypse

    The BS was okay during the weather event in Texas, but my Ranger was better and it doesn't even have GOAT modes. Just my $.02! Slippery mode still left a little to be desired over just a 4WD Hi mode on the Ranger.
  2. Robisten8

    Big bend tire sizes -- what AT tires won’t rub??

    The Falken that came on our First Edition are great. So great, I ordered a set for my Ranger. They get really good reviews across the board.
  3. Robisten8

    Paint already chipped down to metal

    I've owned many Fords. I've traded in many of those Fords with a number of chips like that. My 2018 Mustang GT had at least a half dozen rock chips in the front fascia and even had one on the driver's side A Pillar.
  4. Robisten8

    Tons of 2021 Bronco Sports stashed in Michigan?

    Here’s one my garage and driveway!
  5. Robisten8

    Why Sport vs Base model full-size Bronco?

    This right here is the reason we pulled the trigger on the Sport. I'm sure there will be cancellations on the full size and they'll be dealer inventory, but there is a crap ton of reserved Broncos being ordered for customers. When the full size show up at dealers and nobody has them reserved...
  6. Robisten8

    Canceling an Order

    Navigation is overrated. Most if not all new Fords have Apple CarPlay or the other operating system equivalent. Google maps can be used when moving, while navigation doesn't allow input of an address until you stop, even if the passenger is the user. Even when I had Navigation, I never used...
  7. Robisten8

    Bronco Sport Sightings

    I walk right by my wife’s multiple times a day. Here’s a photo for you! 😉 Everyone will get theirs soon enough. Just rubbing it in.
  8. Robisten8

    Canceling an Order

    There shouldn't be a penalty. The dealer will sell the vehicle within the first week of its arrival.
  9. Robisten8

    Purchased a Bronco Sport First Edition

    According to my wife, no. I have yet to drive it more than a trip down our street and back.
  10. Robisten8

    Area 51 First Edition

    We have twins!
  11. Robisten8

    Purchased a Bronco Sport First Edition

    Yeah it was apparently an order that someone backed out of. We just happened to go to the dealer at the perfect time as two other people were there looking at it but our salesman got the keys first.
  12. Robisten8

    Purchased a Bronco Sport First Edition

    Hey folks, new member here. My wife and I just purchased a Bronco Sport First Edition Area 51 on Thursday 12/17. We went to the dealer to look at the 2021 Explorer ST. She was driving a 2017 Explorer Sport. When she saw this Bronco sitting on the lot, she instantly fell in love and we pulled...