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  1. I want.

    Telsa and BMW pulled AM terrestrial broadcast support on their electric vehicles several years ago and provide digital streaming AM over 4G. The electric motors create an incredible amount of noise in the AM frequency band. As the auto industry moves to electrification, I think AM terrestrial...
  2. I want.

    I think the 2019 Flex was the last Ford vehicle with a CD player. That is one of the reasons my wife wanted the Flex. She also loved the boxy look (either love it or hate it) and the third row seating (since w only have on 12 year old in the house now). It was also the best driving car Ford...
  3. Remove Rear Bench Seat From Bronco Sport - How-To

    Thank you. Agree, would like the picture of the clips.
  4. Brand new with a question

    I read somewhere there is a heater for the engine. I hear it too when I open the door in the morning for the first time.
  5. Production delayed again

    There is a global semiconductor shortage and it is hitting all auto mfg hard. In 2Q20 there was an auto demand downturn and a consumer electronics upturn due to covid and working from home. The semiconductor fabs shifted production to consumer electronics over automotive. There was a WSJ...
  6. Ford Bronco engine review

    My wife drives a 2019 Flex 3.5 ecoboost AWD and I just got an Outer Banks. The Flex is more responsive, but I am not disappointed in the Bronco especially the improved gas mileage. I think it is a good tradeoff. If you have a lead foot and drag race everyone, you will be disappointed in the...
  7. OFFICIAL KODIAK BROWN Bronco Sport Thread

    My Bronco Sport Outer Banks Kodiak Brown with Ebony Roast LEA-Trim. I picked it up on Friday 1/10/21