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  1. Bronco Sport Report - Killing it in the Texas Snowpocolypse

    Sell that story to the Ford marketing department STAT! I think we have our next commercial in the works here...
  2. Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    First off, sorry to the original poster for the continued hijacking of your post. Maybe this will end it. Osco, your comments beg the question what exactly did you do within the "cancer business"? I smoke the odd cigarette when hammered, technically I am in it too. Provide a solid peer...
  3. Heyo - any fellow Canadians here?

    Ottawa-based here. Just put in my order for a Badlands with the Badlands package and a cargo management system. Anticipted arrival in about 3 months, probably a bit more. Will look just like this one:
  4. Ettiquette around ordering

    In Ontario, Canada, I keep hearing that 3.99% APR is the only option at this time because that is what Ford Credit has it set at. Are there other options or am I just nieve?
  5. Speaker locations: B&O and Regular speaker positions.

    Any update on the speaker/woofer/amp locations?