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  1. 1.5" Rough Country lift kit installed - notes & feedback

    That’s why the lift kit is called “Rough Country”.
  2. What dealer markups did you get on your Bronco Sport?

    I paid $395 for the paint and interior protection package for several reasons. I don't have a garage/carport. Bald eagles, osprey and geese tend to target my car with their crap (although I do love watching them fly over-not the geese though). I traded a Subaru several years back and my car's...

    I'm not on Facebook but I did start a Reddit subforum r/BroncoSport for all Sport enthusiasts.
  4. Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    @MrSoxo can you please post a close up pic of the back side of the deflector where it meets the hood? My only concern (and I'm not sure it's valid) would be junk getting trapped underneath.
  5. Any Complaints so far?

    I love the fact that the windshield wipers are tucked in and out of site below the hood. The only exception is when you get 2" of sleet, it's very difficult to clean the area out and rescue the wiper blades. Thankfully I don't experience sleet conditions very often!
  6. Question about production date emails

    Yesterday Ford sent me an email saying my FE production date had been pushed to March 8th. We've had our Sport since Jan. 4th so I guess another one was reserved in my name somehow. I'm sure the dealer will be happy when he has a FE he can sell with some markup. When I read the first email I...
  7. Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    My wife only drives about 12,000 miles a year so I guess we'll be considered "severe duty" due to lack of driving. I'll probably need to change every 6 months, even with full synthetic.
  8. Brushless car wash

    I agree with a "brushless" car wash. Buy a good quality waterless wash from Adam's Polishes or Griot's Garage to wipe your Sport down after you've been through the brushless car wash. They also work great if you are dealing with dust and bird crap.
  9. Rooftop Tent or Sleeping Inside

    Forget camping, I could probably use this during my commute. Lol.
  10. How will factory fabric wheel well liners hold up?

    Add me to the list of surprised folks to find fabric in the wheel wells. For those of you installing mud flaps on the rear, when you pull the fabric out a bit, what's behind it doesn't instill a lot of confidence - I noticed some material on the rear drivers side (looked like cotton)...
  11. Broken front windshield 2-3 months out to replace

    Did you have turkey for dinner?
  12. Confused about splash guards

    So do the small ones. Lol.
  13. Anyone still waiting for First Edition to show up?

    I’m still waiting on the crossbars for my FE. I took delivery Jan. 4th.
  14. Market Adjustment Price Markup

    For me Vroom was $2k higher than Carmax, Carvana and the dealer.
  15. Wifey looking to “name” her Area 51

    Wife settled on "Becca". No explanation, LOL. Becca Bronco?
  16. Throttle House Bronco Sport Badlands Review

    @Zander1ni I started a subreddit awhile back. It was very quiet at first but it’s starting to pickup. r/BroncoSport
  17. Wireless CarPlay Adapter?

    This model is $112. Check and see if you have a firmware update available for your adapter.
  18. Added this hitch step accessory

    I had this hitch tightener on one of my pickup trucks I used to have (Amazon reminded me I bought this item in 2012 - thanks Amazon - Sheesh). It worked fine on my old truck, should be fine on the BS.
  19. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Installed mud flaps. I’m not gonna lie, rears were a bit of a pain without removing wheels.