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  1. txbronc

    How to Convert an Order to a Reservation?

    A few minutes after I got off the phone with the dealership. I confirmed build via email the he called and said the order was placed and I had an email right after that
  2. txbronc

    Howdy Texas Fam!

    Agreed.... My backyard right now.
  3. txbronc

    How to Convert an Order to a Reservation?

    When your car gets a VIN # then you can see the steps of the process. (The bubble you speak of)
  4. txbronc

    Orders in Houston

    Yes, Should look like this...
  5. txbronc

    Orders in Houston

    Did mine in Tomball at Tomball Ford. Does that count in your book as Houston?
  6. txbronc

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Looks good with the Navy interior. Complements the CG nicely!
  7. txbronc

    Order Deposit Amount?

    FYI, Tomball Ford requires $500 down.
  8. txbronc

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    Thanks. While it looks ok here. I think it only works with Cactus Grey.
  9. txbronc

    Tire Options for Bronco Sport with 1" Lift

    Discount Tire now has the BS as a vehicle option :)
  10. txbronc

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    I like the one with just the top white. Personally, I would match the door handles to tie it all together.
  11. txbronc

    Pricing: X Plan & Granger Program

    @TXArchitect Here is an example of a x-plan invoice.
  12. txbronc

    Pricing: X Plan & Granger Program

    I emailed Jorge with Tomball Ford. He said they will accept X-plan and we can see if any additional rebates are offered at the time of delivery. I threw out a number I would like to be at and he said he respectfully decline the offer. I'm assuming I'll have to wait to get any price set in stone.
  13. txbronc

    Badlands Tire Options

    You should be fine with AT tires. It really comes down to design as some have more road noise than others.
  14. txbronc

    Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    They probably will keep those numbers confidential until Q4 financial reports come out. Then release on the conference call. I'm assuming all of this....
  15. txbronc

    Wheel and Tire plans?

    Also, here is great tool for size comparison.
  16. txbronc

    Xplan available for Bronco Sport?

    Correct, I read it as that fee is already included so make sure they don't add it
  17. txbronc

    Howdy Texas Fam!

    I’m picking up the Sport for the wifey. I’m not sure we will be off-roading much but we have been talking about camping and going out to parks now that my Son is getting old enough.
  18. txbronc

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    Just get it wrapped if you want it white.
  19. txbronc

    A Plan Pricing

    Same here! Luckily my company is part of X-plan so I get a little discount.