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  1. Production delays??

    Today is the day. Mine was built on 1/12 and finally arrived at my dealer on 2/11. We were still waiting for the title from our trade in to come in the mail and it finally did on Saturday. Now it's time for the worst part of buying a car. Going to the dealer.
  2. Any Complaints so far?

    It is the fan to cool the led headlights it can run for about 20 minutes after.
  3. Brushless car wash

    I remember seeing windshield wiper de-icer on Outer Banks and First Edition but its not listed on base, big bend and badlands. Do you have a base that it works on?
  4. Auto Hold on the Outer Banks?

    Maybe that was what got it for me. I will edit my original post.
  5. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    check the formatting of the USB drive. Ford states on their site that it has to be exFAT not FAT32 or NTFS.
  6. Wifey looking to “name” her Area 51

    Mine decided on Heidi for ours (named after the title of a book). I said good now every time I get in I can say, “Does everybody know what time it is?” Bronco time.
  7. ❄️ Let's see your Bronco Sport in the snow!

    I am pretty familiar with the area. I used to work in Langhorne and visit friends up Mechanicsville. I am from northern Delco.
  8. ❄️ Let's see your Bronco Sport in the snow!

    I think you are the first person from the Philly area I’ve noticed on here. I was hoping my big bend would be here before that storm. Hopefully before the next storm.
  9. Tracking Disappeared is the site for the trucking company Ford uses. If you search your vin it should first come up with their pick up point then if it has long way to go where it’s been.
  10. Tracking Disappeared

    Mine just disappeared too. Pals app still says pending but my excitement is building.
  11. trailer back up assist on 360?

    It doesn’t have parking assist. I can’t say for certain the trailer assist but I am assuming that is a no as well.
  12. December 2020 Build Date Issues

    That’s encouraging. Hopefully mine will come early this week. Same dates (though listed as shipped a day earlier and arriving 2/11) but I live outside Philly so it has a longer train ride.
  13. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Hi everyone I’m molson. I’m a self professed car nerd. When my wife’s old sonata got a gas leak I was almost certain we’d be getting a crosstrek or a forester to replace it. The pandemic hit and we didn’t need to replace it right away and in July I saw the bronco announcement. I think within a...
  14. Approaching 1,000 miles. My thoughts on this Baby Bronc

    The 4 wheel lock is only on the Badlands and First Edition. All other trims you have to turst that it goes 4wd when needed.
  15. EVAP Leak

    When was yours built? I wonder if that was one reason why a lot of them were held up for QA checks.
  16. Production Week Scheduling

    Did you check Ford's order tracking site? It's possible they didn't put in your email or typed it in wrong. On another note looks like you are just up the road from me. I am down in Havertown.
  17. Surprise - my Badlands included Remote Start

    Ford is the only non-luxury automaker to offer complimentary remote features* to all customers with FordPass Connect (embedded modem). All 2021 model-year and newer Ford vehicles are equipped with FordPass Connect. That is directly from Ford's FordPass site.
  18. Need quick favor - Show me heated steering wheel?

    It’s also on the website showing the build/ ship date. My guess is if we can’t find a way to turn it on it’s probably a fuse away from working.
  19. Need quick favor - Show me heated steering wheel?

    Can you say where in the menu options it is? I have also getting a BB + BB so I am curious as well.
  20. Bronco Sport Quality in Real Life

    How much did that run you? I’ve been debating on doing that.