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  1. Aftermarket Speaker Upgrades?

    Anyone make any progress on new speakers?
  2. Production delays??

    That you should be able to get from your dealer. It might be an "order code."
  3. Production delays??

    Yeah that's not true. I already have mine and it's not scheduled for production until April. Give Ford marketing (it's a confusing name for the department. It's not like their advertising department, it's essentially customer service) a call, 1-800-334-4375, and provide them with your order...
  4. Production delays??

    If you have a production date, you should have a VIN. Give your dealer a call and ask if they can look it up for you.
  5. Question about production date emails

    Yeah that's pretty common. The tracker on Ford's site isn't always up to date. Your dealer will always have accurate info, so don't worry about calling to ask. The more exciting news is that your build got moved to an earlier date. That's the first time I've heard of that happening. Most of us...
  6. Weather forces Ford to stop building popular Bronco Sport at Hermosillo Assembly Plant

    As a New Englander, hearing about losing power because its "too cold" is very confusing...
  7. Production Week Scheduling

    So basically this week they will decide which vehicles they are building for the weeks listed. VINs will get assigned and those that placed an order and have their vehicle scheduled for those weeks will receive an email notifying them off their production week.
  8. Sport mine being built yet?

    I honestly think they are in the dark too. I didn't get the feeling they were lying to me, they were just uninformed.
  9. Sport mine being built yet?

    Ford Headquarters, its a weird name for the department. It's not like the people making commercials and advertisements, it's essentially customer service for people that placed orders. Here's the number: 1-800-334-4375.
  10. Sport mine being built yet?

    Yeah, mostly resulting in the semiconductor shortage as more people buy laptops, new Playstations, etc, plus the rising price of Bitcoin so more people are mining, etc. Lots of factors. Edit: And of course the people getting sick/dying/being unable to work. The human toll has been awful, I...
  11. Sport mine being built yet?

    Agreed, 3 months is reasonable, but then you have all the people that ordered back in November or even July that are still waiting on orders, with their dates pushed to this Spring. The problem right now is the uncertainty. We all want to believe our dealers (mine said 8-12 weeks from order...
  12. Sport mine being built yet?

    I also order on Jan 9th! Busy day I guess! Badlands without Badlands package. Only extras were cargo management and Copilot+. I did get a VIN, but I had to call the Ford marketing department to get it, I don't have their number anymore but it's easy enough to find. I originally had a build date...
  13. Installed Rough Country 1.5" Lift Kit and KO2's + Red Letters and Red Brake Calipers

    I second JackisDunn's question and are other colors available?
  14. Production Week Scheduling

    Update: Hey Moderators, I'm going to try to keep this thread updated, so it probably makes more sense to change the title of the thread to just "Production Week Scheduling" and remove the "-- Week of 1/18/21" Edit: Just realized I can change the thread title, so...I did that.
  15. Bronco Sport Wildtrak seen for first time in Ford Argentina commercial

    I think this sounds the most likely. And maybe why the BL package has been so hard to get? They're producing more for South America? Ford has said they are really trying to improve sales in South America, and I think they are looking at the entire Bronco lineup as how they intend to turn the...