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  1. isellford

    Orders in Houston

    Ordered mine from Chastang Ford. It's lining up to pull on Thursday
  2. isellford

    Reserved and ordered.

    Get a different dealer.
  3. isellford

    Chastang Ford

    Congrats. Good luck with it
  4. isellford

    Chastang Ford

    the dealer you selected should be getting in touch with you on the Sport. If you reserved a big Bronco; that won't happen until around Dec when the order bank opens. Sport orders are being processed now and scheduling will be in the order of the earliest reservation number.
  5. isellford

    Reserved and ordered.

    Ordered my Badlands Area51 on the 14th
  6. isellford

    Chastang Ford

    Good afternoon. my name is Ed Miller and I sell Ford Commercial Trucks in Houston TX I have over 38 years of Ford experience. We are a family owned business and i would love to assist you in your Bronco Sport or Bronco purchase. The order guide is available for the Sport ; in fact i ordered...
  7. isellford

    what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    2019 Ranger crew cab XLT
  8. isellford


    good afternoon. Been selling Ford Commercial Trucks for 38+ years. The order bank is now open. Ordered my Sport yesterday
  9. isellford

    Bronco Sport Vs The Competition - Estimated Specs Comparisons

    Good afternoon. Order bank and specs are now available. Ordered mine yesterday