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  1. Timsvtgen1

    IIHS Crash Testing Of The Bronco Sport Underway

    Messaged IIHS to inquire about when we should see a the full suite of crash test results and analysis.
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    Just got this-- Recall #21S03. FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARMS INSPECTION
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    Window Sticker Dates

    That date is the date the vehicle was originally invoiced. 👍
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    Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    Totally agree as Documented is definitely the key word here. It really depends on the dealer , as far as I'm told. When I purchased a Ford ESP warranty on my 3.5L ecoboost pickup from one of the online authorized sellers, I took it to a Ford dealer to have them inspect and fill out the proper...
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    Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    The 2.0L in my ‘18 Focus ST had a pretty good amount of fuel in the oil due to dilution after 5000 miles. I found (short of a catch can)full synthetic with its better sheer characteristics and a change at no more than 5000m on the dot seems to bode well w/ regards to an oil analysis.
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    Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    What Oil did you use? Just for curiosity sake
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    Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    If it is like the rest of the newer Ford's with the " Intelligent oil life monitor", it is no way analyzes the oil and basically counts down the mileage. However, when the mileage counts down, it will "count down" at a faster rate based on the amount of idling, towing and Driving habits. If its...
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    Supplemental PTC Heater? Anyone have one in their BS?

    Seems like they are only available on the 1.5L. I wonder if its there for emissions reasons?
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    Badlands offroading footage [Car Plus Mexico]

    This youtube video has some (semi-brief ) good off road footage in it courtesy of Car plus Mexico's channel ( in Spanish). Posted is at the time stamp where the off roading starts. Edit- Some more from another channel , here.
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    Car and Driver Tested Review: 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands Earns the Bronco Name

    It's worth noting the numbers the instrumented test C&D did. If you compare those results, the BS BL is as fast as a 2019 Edge ST and Focus ST from 2015. 5.9s 0-60 and 14.5s quarter mile are super respectable.
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    Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    There are prob more carcinogens and methylethylbadstuff in the off gassing of the interior materials all the time they do so than what comes out of an exhaust pipe> when it makes its way to you> with your windows cracked> on the slight occasion you do so to move some boards from Home Depot.
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    Build to Delivery Date?

    Ordered mine 10/26 BL and BL. Orig Build week 2/22 moved to 3/8, recently. :crying:
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    Bronco Sport vs Jeep Compass Trailhawk -- MotorTrend Comparison Review

    Not here nor there but interesting I think- My friend is replacing his 2000 Explorer and decided to compare the BS and 2000 Explorer. Despite the Explorers extra 18" of overall length, and 8 inches or so of wheelbase, the BS outmatches it in every interior metric except max cargo with seats...
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    Bronco Sport vs Jeep Compass Trailhawk -- MotorTrend Comparison Review

    At one point I was very mildly interested in the renegade and decided to drive one. That 2.4L was one (of quite a few) of the reasons I passed. As everyone knows , 4 cyls typically don't come off as harmonically pleasing and that one basically takes all of that and amplifies it. Besides being a...
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    Volume on text messaging

    Try turning up the volume during/while the text is being read.
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    Ettiquette around ordering

    Brought this up w/ the sales manager at the dealer I am dealing with. His opinion was if there are incentives this early.. it is indicitive that they will only get better after these programs expire.
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    Manual or manual insert for the B&O sound system?

    Doesn't seem like there's a suppliment included with the owners manual just for the B&o system. It seems like everything you 'need' to know w/ respect to the modem and other features are in the regular owners manual. I do know however, that if you are having an issue re: something to do with...
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    Broken front windshield 2-3 months out to replace

    Hit a Turkey one time in an F-250 and it broke through the windshield, Bashed the part of the cab in pretty good where it meets the windshield and landed in my passenger seat all battered and bloody. - New windshield - Body work, paint and blend -Seat cover and detail 😬