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  1. What dealer markups did you get on your Bronco Sport?

    A pitch like that would guarantee I never return to that dealer. That’s either 1. A straight up lie. Or 2. Tells me that their cars are really unreliable that everyone thinks they need an extended warranty.
  2. New Price Increase 2-24-2021 (to MSRP, options & accessories)

    I can’t say with any authority from any marketing experience of my own, but my guess is sales have outpaced expectations, and they don’t want to leave money on the table. A sharp increase though might make more noise than they would like.
  3. Remove Rear Bench Seat From Bronco Sport - How-To

    Can you get pictures of the clips. I’m happy this is possible.
  4. Weather forces Ford to stop building popular Bronco Sport at Hermosillo Assembly Plant

    I’m sure Flordians are just as confused when people from New England talk about shutting down for too much rain.
  5. Any Complaints so far?

    Could you link to these videos?
  6. Overlanding People

    This is what I plan to get. Roadie The OVERNIGHTER SUV Window Tent with Bug Screen and Retractable Awning – Great for Camping in an SUV. (Patented)
  7. First two weeks report: Yokohama Geolander tires, Yakima roof rails, all weather floor mats, spare tire removed

    How did you order those by chance. The Yakima website is garbage and won’t even let me select a system without selecting a vehicle. If I select the BS it won’t let me select the 50” bars. It’s a really frustrating web design.
  8. Superlite Rooftop Tent for Bronco Sport

    I really wish they made something kind of like this, but not on the ground. Basically a tent attachment that goes on the back of the BS with the hatch open to allow a bit more room and keep bugs and rain out while improving ventilation.
  9. Bronco Sport vs Jeep Compass Trailhawk -- MotorTrend Comparison Review

    This article is stuck in an outdated off roading school of thought that thinks off roading capability is only measured in the size of boulder one can crawl over. They believe that solid axle, body on frame, 4x4, low range vehicles are the only option for any and all serious off roading. They...
  10. Market Adjustment Price Markup

    Oof! No way. I’m paying what the Ford website says. If they ask a penny more, I’ll walk out. It already includes a big “destination fee”. I’d check a different dealer if you have one nearby.
  11. Bronco Sport vs Jeep Compass Trailhawk -- MotorTrend Comparison Review

    I considered all four of these vehicles and others (including the $40k+ 4Runner) before settling on the BS. I didn’t start with a fixed price. I started with a price range and an idea of capabilities I wanted then looked at all the pros and cons including price. I’d say it’s perfectly reasonable...
  12. Test drive - suspension

    If you’re at a higher elevation there could be a difference from the pressure at the factory. I don’t think that would be 10 psi though. Temperature could affect it too. Maybe Tom Brady could answer this 🤣
  13. Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    Someone who is “in the cancer business” should know that CO2 isn’t a carcinogen and doesn’t build up in your bloodstream.
  14. Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    I don’t care what business you were in. The world is changing. Modern passenger cars have essentially zero hydrocarbon emissions, extremely low NOX and SOX emissions, and CO and CO2 don’t cause cancer. You breath in more hydrocarbons with a single trip to the gas pump than you would driving...
  15. Have you driven with the rear glass open?

    What carcinogens? In modern cars exhaust out of the tailpipe is almost entirely CO2 and water vapor. Other components are negligible. Don’t use scare tactics. If you crack the front windows open you won’t even get CO2.
  16. Bronco Sport vs Jeep Compass Trailhawk -- MotorTrend Comparison Review

    It’s great write up, but I really wish there was a video. How do they do a 36 mile trail ride and come back with just photos and an article?
  17. Throttle House Bronco Sport Badlands Review

    I honestly don’t understand why anyone would buy this if they don’t intend to go off pavement. It has literally no advantage over an escape on the road unless you’re really hooked on the styling. It will handle (on pavement) worse and get worse gas mileage. It costs more for the same comforts...
  18. Throttle House Bronco Sport Badlands Review

    I find it hilarious that they made judgments about its off road capabilities without actually taking it off road.
  19. Installed 245/70 Ko2’s on Badlands with slight rub

    So you put on extra large off road tires that you can’t take off road? I’m confused.
  20. Test drive - suspension

    I’m not sure what you are comparing it too, but I’d guess the bounce comes from the off road focus. I know everything has been softened up compared to the escape with a little more room for travel as well.