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  1. Order or Wait for Dealer Inventory?

    Dealerships are the worst. No business model deserves to be replaced by internet technology more. It’s better than it used to be but not by much.
  2. 2.0 EcoBoost Coolant Leak / Lawsuit

    We had a 2014 Titanium Escape with the 2.0L Ecoboost engine. We had no issues with the engine and put 87,500 miles on it before getting rid of it. We did have a transmission issue at 61,000ish miles, just past the 60k drivetrain warranty. ultimately the transmission had to be replaced. Ford...
  3. Badlands 17" stock wheel size and offset?

    Anyone know the stock wheels size and offsets for the 17" wheels on the Badlands? I've ordered a Badlands with the aluminum steelies. On the off chance that I can find a Badlands in dealer stock without them I'm looking at aftermarket wheels that might fit the bill. I'm not a fan of any of...
  4. Weather forces Ford to stop building popular Bronco Sport at Hermosillo Assembly Plant

    Sadness :( Weather forces Ford to stop building popular Bronco Sport, other models February 16, 2020 By lunchtime on Tuesday, Ford Motor Co. confirmed that the winter weather systems...
  5. Any Complaints so far?

    Yeah I was disappointed to see they hadn't added that. We're coming from a 2014 Titanium Escape that had memory seat and mirrors. I'll definitely miss that as my wife and I share the car and have very different positions. I won't miss the electronic opening lift gate though, that was more of...
  6. Does Towing Package come with full-size spare tire?

    I may be wrong but I believe the "full Size" spare is the same diameter as the stock tires but still narrower. Still better than a mini spare but not exactly the same as the main tires. I don't have mine yet but I seem to remember this when checking out a badlands with the tow package at the...
  7. Throttle House review: Rear locker not locking?

    I agree those guys were incredibly annoying as well.
  8. Superlite Rooftop Tent for Bronco Sport

    Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks :)
  9. Superlite Rooftop Tent for Bronco Sport

    isn't the roof only rated for 150lbs (100lbs if you have a sun roof)? How's that work with a tent up there, if the tent is 80lbs that only leaves 70lbs of rated capacity. I'd need a major diet. Curious on everyone's thoughts on roof capacity and why it's so low when the advertise and offer a...