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  1. Remove Rear Bench Seat From Bronco Sport - How-To

    Tailgate swing mount is a serious pain in the ass if you have to use your tailgate regularly on a daily basis. the only way an OEM would do this is if there was a horizontal opening door a la defender and land cruiser prado
  2. Bronco Sport on Rough Country 1.5" Lift Kit + 245/65/17 AT Tires + 17x8 Wheels

    i get this too. Not sure if it’s normal or not.
  3. Removing Splash Guards?

    are you talking about the tiny plastic ones? If so those are not on the badlands model despite it having the same bumper. I’d remove them
  4. Throttle House Bronco Sport Badlands Review

    these people grind my gears. The defender does everything their body on frame truck does, and does it better, more efficiently, and more comfortably. Those trucks, yes the defender is a truck, have insane capability that body on frame die hard truck people mostly can’t afford to buy and are to...
  5. Technical differences between Badlands suspensions?

    the pirelli tires are .6 inches smaller so it would be 8.5 then it seems.
  6. Technical differences between Badlands suspensions?

    So it appears that the badlands without the larger tires pretty much the same clearance as all the other models but has heavier duty shocks and knuckles?
  7. SoCal Thread

    I saw the black badlands in Carlsbad and the Area 51 outer banks in downtown Encinitas. I know they’re are two besides me in the area. let Me know when you get yours so we can hit the trails.
  8. Technical differences between Badlands suspensions?

    according the the specs the badlands with 29 inch tires has an additional inch of clearance, I haven’t seen anything without the 29 inch tires
  9. Technical differences between Badlands suspensions?

    I guess I was wondering the difference between the badlands suspension and the base/bb/OB models.
  10. Technical differences between Badlands suspensions?

    What are the technical differences between the suspension systems? It appears to have “unique coil springs” and “unique cast knuckle” also ford doesn’t provide ground clearance numbers for the badlands without The optional 29 inch tires. Does anyone know the clearance without them?
  11. SoCal Thread

    do you have a black badlands? I’ve seen one a few times in north county. I have an Area 51 big bend and live in north county San Diego also. keen to do some trails. I’ve been out to anza borrego, East county, and around Palomar mountain
  12. Leather Steering Wheel Covers?

    It will work perfectly. No issues here. I’ve done this on a VW and it’s literally plug and play.
  13. Who's hoping for a Manual Transmission?

    I have zero desire for a manual ever again with the exception of a weekend car. the bronco sport is not suited at all to a manual and it is not a particularly fun vehicle to drive. MPG would plummet and automatic cruise functions and safety systems wouldn’t work. on top of this I live in...
  14. Bronco Sport Off-Roading Capabilities

    yes I view something like a jeep as a poor daily driver, but great off road. I view a car like the bronco sport as a daily car that can also go off road
  15. Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    Hahaha thanks for reposting my videos!!
  16. Big bend tire sizes -- what AT tires won’t rub??

    Probably 235/70/r17 as long as it’s not too aggressive of a tread pattern. I believe the largest without a lift would be around 30 inches
  17. Bronco Sport Off-Road Driving Impressions

    I have a big bend model and have been similarly impressed! where is that trail? It looks like the same one I did near the Palomar divide truck trail
  18. Thinking of changing trim

    The badlands interior is essentially the same as the big bend unless you order the badlands package. the badlands has better seats with more bolstering.
  19. Bronco Sport Off-Roading Capabilities

    I’ve have taken my big bend off road twice. the car is off road capable but it’s not a body on frame truck and won’t perform to that level. It’s a light to moderate off roader. More than a soft roader and less than a dedicated vehicle. it performs really good for what it is
  20. Bronco Sport Outer Banks on Aftermarket 17" Wheels and Tires

    there shouldn’t be because these are 65 series tires in 17 inch wheels. will 70 series rub? Probably not but unaware if anyone tested it yet