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  1. Wait Time between each Order Status

    Not as long as some people have been waiting. Still sucks but know you aren’t alone.
  2. Weather forces Ford to stop building popular Bronco Sport at Hermosillo Assembly Plant

    Doesn’t happen often but here in Midwest we’ve had cold/ice/snow damage power lines. obviously the plant itself is not in the middle of a snow/cold front but if transport of parts being affected It could make sense. If it’s really weather related I can’t see it being a long shutdown.
  3. So any tracking info?

    ah!! This makes me super excited. My OB just changed to “in production” & date on window sticker says 2/11. My build date was given to me as 2/20. So even if it doesn’t finish build til 20th, I’m hoping to have it mid March.
  4. Anyone still waiting for First Edition to show up?

    Can I ask your build and delivery date? I’m an hour north of Chicago, mine should be built this week.
  5. Window sticker released!

    Checked this morning and my Sport has moved to “in production” and I have a window sticker! I have a 2/20 build date so seems to be moving along on time. Is there any info I can watch for on window sticker for updates? and anyone in Chicago suburbs received theirs already (I’m an hour north)...
  6. Wait Time between each Order Status

    No, I never received anything from Ford.
  7. Wait Time between each Order Status

    I ordered 12/28, and got my VIN # 1/20. From the screenshot my sales guy sent me looks like 2/20 tentative build week? (He didn’t mention it I just saw it and assumed) He checked in with me yesterday and said no new updates. At time of order he said 6-8wks but I knew that was a longshot. I’m...
  8. Ordered a few weeks ago, should I have received an email confirmation by now?

    I only had invoice from dealer, never got an email from Ford. Received my VIN last week.
  9. Do I "Wait and see" or Order Now?

    I ordered and then started looking but ran into the same problem. Couple OBs, but either customer order or sold too quickly. Since I had one on order, after a few weeks I just gave up looking. I may be impatient but I’m also not in a rush and I won’t be tempted to “settle” For different trim...
  10. Production Week Scheduling

    I received this from my dealer yesterday, got my VIN! I’m assuming the 2/20 is anticipated build week? We’ve never received an email on anything (order confirmation, etc) directly from Ford so hoping dealer continues doing a good job staying in touch. I’ll also be checking status now that I have...
  11. Production Week Scheduling

    Thanks for sharing! So this means that the next soonest assigned build dates will be March, correct? I’m waiting on a build date, hoping to hear this week.
  12. Picked up our Bronco Sport Outer Banks

    Awesome congrats!! I have the same on order can’t wait!
  13. How Long Did It Take To Get Order Confirmation?

    I ordered 12/28 and got an order # next day. Never received an email from Ford, but dealer texted me Friday saying I have a VIN now. Is it a big deal if we didn’t get anything from Ford directly?
  14. Time from receiving order confirmation to scheduled production?

    This is what I’m selfishly hoping! Ordered OB with no package or extras .... fingers crossed it gets built a little quicker 😉
  15. So any tracking info?

    Hey - think of it this way, best way to deal with a Monday lol
  16. Time from receiving order confirmation to scheduled production?

    Nice! Hoping to hear something soon, I ordered 12/28.
  17. December 2020 Build Date Issues

    When was your order placed? Trying to get a rough estimate on mine, ordered same but not til 12/28. Found one about an hour away, same thing, but husband thinks we should just wait for the one we ordered
  18. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Don't suppose they mentioned how long it would be withOUT the OB package?
  19. Wifey looking to “name” her Area 51

    I’ve got a name list going for mine as well lol And I really like Stitch! she could go with the alien/space theme, lots of options there. Sigourney? Character from a favorite show or movie? since I’m calling it my midlife crisis car, I’m thinking of a “pool boy” name. As in instead of being...
  20. Ohio Roll Call!

    Anyone in Illinois? I’m joining all things Bronco Sport to pass the time while I wait on my order 🤣 Placed an OB order, Area 51 on 12/28. Wasn’t even on my radar, was considering a Subaru maybe next year. But 2020 sucked and I started browsing online and saw the Sport. It’s my mid life crisis...