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  1. Evanm14

    Weather forces Ford to stop building popular Bronco Sport at Hermosillo Assembly Plant

    Ford needs to cut the BS and build this in the US (and Mustang ME). They share the iconic name plates.
  2. Evanm14

    Unable to order a Badlands with Badlands package currently

    I have a reservation for the larger 2 dr, but was just curious if anyone got a good deal on a Bad Lands model? Are they offering any good leases?
  3. Evanm14

    [Opinion] Bronco Sport Mexican Made

    I currently have the Mazda CX-5 (soon to be called CX-50) with no issues at all. I believe mostly everything in it is Japanese made according to the sales sticker. My car is coming off lease in several months which made me curious with the CX-30 until I saw that the North American models are...
  4. Evanm14

    [Opinion] Bronco Sport Mexican Made

    Does it bother you that Ford makes some of their vehicles outside the US and do you feel it's made just as well? The Bronco Sport and Mach-E will be made in Mexico. Do you feel it's just "American" as the Mustang or future larger Bronco? -I owned a 2018 Jeep Compass made in Mexico which turned...