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  1. Central Jersey

    Factory PIN for Keyless Entry

    Both my keys and the plastic card were given to me on a thin plastic band ( BB purchased from dealer inventory)
  2. Central Jersey

    Keyless entry on all doors?

    Settings > vehicle settings > locks You you can disable proximity sensor Set he remote to open all or just the drivers doors and other settings. Looks like I was not correct before about adjusting what can use the proximity sensor. I thought I saw it the other day when I was checking out the...
  3. Central Jersey

    Keyless entry on all doors?

    You adjust the settings using the Infotainment system, there is an option to disable Proximity sensor, allow only the drivers door or all doors to be opened, (I have it set to unlock the drivers door, once the drivers door is opened a bit the others will unlock)
  4. Central Jersey

    Aftermarket body vinyl wrap, anyone done this before?

    I have not seen another Bronco Sports near me (Apart from mine and a few on the nearest dealers lot ) There are 3 dealers within 12 miles of me one of them alone sold 30 units (the dealers are mostly getting Base and big bend in Cactus gray and white ) , but I have still not seen another Bronco...
  5. Central Jersey

    After Texas Snow storm wash!

    I can feed myself for 2 years+. If I had to share the food with other family members It would last 2-3 months. I have had people ask me if I have an extra flashlight during a power outage. ( How anyone be that unprepared is beyond me )
  6. Central Jersey

    Bronco Sport recall: Rear suspension may not be fully secured to subframe (1,666 vehicles affected)

    This affects 1666 baby broncs out of 13,000+ sold all are from the same factory. Your dealer can check based on your VIN number call before going down there .
  7. Central Jersey

    Any Complaints so far?

    I installed Trico Onyx blades on Wednesday. Snowing today in NJ they seem to be performing better than the factory blades I think they were worth the Money $57 for a set of 22” and 21” with tax. ( I value maximum visibility a lot. I clean all the exterior lights on my vehicles monthly )
  8. Central Jersey

    Big Bend hard to add fuel

    No problems over here at a pump If you are trying to fill from a Jerry can you should have gotten a funnel with the vehicle, use that funnel it helps a lot.
  9. Central Jersey

    Any Complaints so far?

    I wanted the Bad Lands no stock in my area so I get a Big Bend .still a very capable vehicle.
  10. Central Jersey

    What if I order but changed my mind?

    Get that in writing and place the order. If it is refundable you can’t go wrong.
  11. Central Jersey

    Did some off-roading today. High centered, and driving through deep crusty snow

    Depends on the type of snow. I took the easy way out!
  12. Central Jersey

    Any Complaints so far?

    I am replacing mine tomorrow. Will let you know how that goes .
  13. Central Jersey

    Did some off-roading today. High centered, and driving through deep crusty snow

    Your not the only one to get stuck in snow. 2 weeks ago in the morning I drove over a pile from the snow plow Later in the day . I wanted to drive across the grass in front of a building just to leave tracks 200’ long in the snow . I get up on the grass plowing snow right under me , when I...
  14. Central Jersey

    Bronco Sport is awesome on ice & snow!!

    Life is Awesome. S*** happens. I was having a bit to much fun off the road . I went thru 3” of ice 🧊 . I will stay on the road until spring.
  15. Central Jersey

    Bronco Sport is awesome on ice & snow!!

    My Big Bend Sport handles nicely to the speed limit on slippery and snowy roads (my commute is on roads with 45-50mph speed limits ) We are going to have snow on Thursday. My bronco sport is in the shop getting a new bumper and wheel well liner put on . No fun,
  16. Central Jersey

    Any Complaints so far?

    Ignore the idiots nit picking. God is Great , beer is good and people are crazy! Personally I don’t like the wiper blades - solution: replace with different wiper blades.
  17. Central Jersey

    Any Complaints so far?

    I have the same experience as you on the slippery roads, My windshield wipers are not up to my expectations, gonna replace them.
  18. Central Jersey

    Any Complaints so far?

    Big Bend owner here Factory windshield wipers are substandard (my last vehicle had the same issue that was a Toyota RAV4 ) I want a bigger fuel tank ( I want another 100 miles range more than I am getting. I am getting 20mpg using a lot of slippery GOAT mode probably AWD , preheating the car...
  19. Central Jersey

    Moonroof - Does it open fully?

    I feel the same, I have been asked by multiple people locally that were considering the vehicle how do I like it. ( I love it , I do tell them I recommend it, but think they should wait for discounts and more inventory ) I feel like Ford is using the first buyers of the vehicle as an extended...