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  1. Aftermarket body vinyl wrap, anyone done this before?

    Contacted a local shop and they quoted me $395 to wrap the roof gloss black on my BB.
  2. Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    I purchased one. Clean the area where the protector foes with the alcohol pads provided. There is double sided tape to apply the hood protector.
  3. Anyone have rear spoiler?

    There's three rear spoilers available for the Sport in Carbonized Gray, Satin Black and Shadow Black. Levittown Ford Prices are $192.50 for the Satin Black and $305.10 for the Gray and Shadow Black. I was considering the Gray but haven't ordered yet.
  4. Bronco Sport recall: Rear suspension may not be fully secured to subframe (1,666 vehicles affected)

    Checked the NHTSA website if there was a recall on my vehicle. Nothing yet.
  5. OFFICIAL OXFORD WHITE Bronco Sport Thread

    I have the Carbonized Gray and love the color. White was my second choice.
  6. Bronco Sport Mannequins Availability

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
  7. Just Ordered Our Bronco Sport!

    I have the BB with the 1.5 and it's fine for my use with adequate power. I traded in a Subaru Crosstrek and that wasn't exactly a tire burner.
  8. New BS BB owner from NoCal

    Great looking BS!!
  9. Price negotiating with dealer??

    Not much of a discount with the X Plan. It did save me money in Dealer fees that were $795 but under the X Plan were $100.
  10. Market Adjustment Price Markup

    I didn't deal with a market adjustment but I did contact a dealer that added $3500 in Dealer installed accessories. No thanks!!
  11. Removing Splash Guards?

    I installed the splash guards with a ratchet. It was pretty easy even though it was tight on the rear wheels. You will need the plugs to seal the holes after you remove the splash guards.
  12. [VIDEO] Impromptu Three Wheeling ‘test’

    I installed the cheaper Ford OEM. I believe the Gatorbacks were close to $500 for front and rears.
  13. Winter Car Washing Tips?

    I always hand wash my car. Use microfiber towels as well as quality wash products. MY neighbors have said I'm going to take the paint off I wash the car so often!
  14. Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”!

    I live in Florida and I have not seen another Sport near me. Dealers have little or no stock in any trim level.
  15. Hello from Southern California