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  1. Mark S.

    What’s your Bronco Sport Jam?

    Try singing along with this one. Strangely compelling music; really odd video.
  2. Mark S.

    Missing parts, less options, cheaper features.....its only going to get worse

    It was Grandpa's Ford Ranchero for me, same three-on-a-tree. Then came the '67 GTO with a Muncie 4-spd. Funny thing is, the 2.0L EcoBoost does 0-60 and the quarter mile faster. But the goat had style!
  3. Mark S.

    What's your favorite thing about your Sport?

    Same! I was just calling around to local dealers to see which (if any) had any Badlands incoming. To my surprise, one said a delivery truck had just arrived with an unspoken-for Badlands on the trailer. I asked when they could have it ready. He said two hours. I said, "I'll be there in one to...
  4. Mark S.

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Driving Sports TV put a set of Vredestein Pinza All-Terrain tires on its Maverick FX4 tester. You can watch the full video review below.
  5. Mark S.

    Changing Brake Pads - Any tips

    Be careful with the electric parking brake. There is a lot of information about how to put the parking brake into maintenance mode for other model Fords, but I have seen anything specific to the Bronco Sport yet. I tried the method described in this video and it works for my car.
  6. Mark S.

    2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition Units. Robin's Egg Blue & Yellowstone Metallic First Looks

    I believe Grant was speaking specifically about the Heritage Edition, as in the HE version of the Bronco Sport presented in these photos is "awful" and should have been styled more like the Bronco II Eddie Bauer edition.
  7. Mark S.

    Missing parts, less options, cheaper features.....its only going to get worse

    You mean a millennial anti-theft device?
  8. Mark S.

    P0299 underboost code?

    That ETC (engine trouble code) indicates the system boost pressure is not reaching that demanded by the PCM (powertrain control module). Because there are so many different things that might cause this condition (leak in induction system, malfunctioning wastegate, bad turbocharger, etc.) it...
  9. Mark S.

    onboard nav kinda sucks, right?

    I note that you didn’t mention “Ask for directions.” :crackup:
  10. Mark S.

    Anyone do the Off-Rodeo? Just got confirmed and would love to attend tis.

    We went to Texas for the Off-Rodeo and had a great time. We spent some time on the trails using the different GOAT modes, drover around the Texas hill country, forded a small stream, visited a couple of hill country landmarks, the went back to the ranch to do the speed course--which was a lot of...
  11. Mark S.

    Love the thing but have a couple y dislikes

    Do you mean "Master Grump?"
  12. Mark S.

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    The only thing better than a spotless Bronco Sport is a slightly dirty one. :like:
  13. Mark S.

    Driver View from Windshield

    I've never noticed the mirror in my car moving on it's own. Is it possible you got the only haunted car? :crazy: The Badlands suspension includes different springs and shocks that provide a one-inch (or so) lift over the other models. You may notice the ride is a bit softer, and you'll get a...
  14. Mark S.

    Long weekend: start the bad Dad Jokes — as my kids say

    A traveling salesman was driving down a country road when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. To his astonishment, it was a three-legged chicken racing down the side of the road alongside his car. He glanced at the speedometer and saw he was traveling 50 mph! Suddenly, the chicken...
  15. Mark S.

    Recalls are Job 1

    I get what you're saying. I don't think it matters in the end what motivates a manufacturer to correct product defects. In today's market, consumers enjoy a great deal of confidence that the products they use are safe, whether by government mandate, fear of liability lawsuits, or simply because...
  16. Mark S.

    Love the thing but have a couple y dislikes

    You don't have to carry it, you can lock it inside the car if you want (see below). Everything I've read suggests the starting and charging systems are engineered to handle the additional stress of the auto stop/start system. Further, the system only activates when the engine is warmed up, and...
  17. Mark S.

    Odd FordPass Message - remote features have been disabled to preserve battery

    I think so. If you've got a charger try recharging the battery overnight. If the battery recharges you should be good to go. If you battery charger reports and issue then you'll have to replace the battery. Heat is tough on batteries.
  18. Mark S.

    Odd FordPass Message - remote features have been disabled to preserve battery

    Yes, more than a few have gotten this message. I believe it's attributable to frequent short trips in the summer. The headlight cooling fans work overtime in the heat; they'll run for quite some time after you shut the car down. Couple that with short trips that don't give the charging system...
  19. Mark S.

    Towing a Big Bend Without Tow Hooks?

    Great explanation. One addition: Attach the soft shackle as close to the frame (away from the wheel) as possible. If this is the incident I think you are referring to, they attached the rope to the ball on a 10-12 inch drop hitch. This tremendously increases the bend stress on the hitch tube...