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  1. SportWest

    2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition Units. Robin's Egg Blue & Yellowstone Metallic First Looks

    Love the white roof, but not with the white grille or wheels. Still debating if I should wrap the roof white on my Cactus Grey BL.
  2. SportWest

    Forest Service Maverick (And other Ford Fleet options)

    Found a picture of my old rig. How could you not love this color? It's an American classic.
  3. SportWest

    Love the thing but have a couple y dislikes

    I would've done that had I kept my Big Bend. I'm not an audiophile by any means but the speaker quality on these things is mediocre at best.
  4. SportWest

    Missing parts, less options, cheaper features.....its only going to get worse

    Simplifying trims/options makes sense. I was looking at the new CX-50 on Mazda's site and there's like 10 poorly-named trims to shop; maybe this gives the sales department something to do / ample upsell opportunities? What's annoying, though, is Ford removing bits and bobs without telling...
  5. SportWest

    Forest Service Maverick (And other Ford Fleet options)

    Temp work, everything from helping the range management program to cleaning up trails to field mapping. Was a fun few years, the puke green F-150 served us well. Best work truck dollar for dollar then and now.
  6. SportWest

    Forest Service Maverick (And other Ford Fleet options)

    Ah, that explains it. I worked for the USFS many years ago during what must have been the puke green -> white switchover. My team ordered a new F-150, my boss expected it to be white. A puke green F-150 shows up, which was fantastic because my boss absolutely hated that color. :crackup:
  7. SportWest

    Waiting room

    Woohoo, tracker tells me the B.S. is at the dealership, should sign the papers in the next few days.
  8. SportWest

    Forest Service Maverick (And other Ford Fleet options)

    Anyone know if the Forest Service still buys new rigs in that lovely "puke green," or have they switched over to white?
  9. SportWest

    White roof wrap.. what do you think about it?

    Great idea, can't wait to see it when it's done.
  10. SportWest

    More Evidence of FoMoCo Tightening the Screws on Dealerships.

    Another sea change from the pandemic era. A huge number of people placed retail orders for the first time and saw that too many dealerships are a value detractor under that paradigm. Like you said, it's one thing to "play the game" when there's inventory, new vehicles flooding the lot, and the...
  11. SportWest

    Anyone else missing the panel under the dash above the passenger side fuse box where the floor air ducts are.

    First I've seen that part missing on the driver's side. Thanks for sharing; adding that to the list of things to inspect in a few weeks after mine gets here.
  12. SportWest

    Roof separating

    That's what Ford's tracker says for me as well, but I'm not sure if QA/QC is included. For example, it took another 10 days for the car to ship. Maybe other post-build activities took place during that time. Who knows.
  13. SportWest

    Waiting room

    Mine's still riding the rails, currently sitting at a stop for 3+ days. From what I can tell, the freight train moves pretty quickly once dispatched, it's all the "intermediate stops" where they add/remove cars and build new trains that slows things down.
  14. SportWest

    2022 Ford Bronco Sport Owners Are Highly Satisfied With Their Vehicles

    That's what I shopped the B.S. against (plus Mazda), but Ford's 'official' word has been to position the B.S. against the smaller SUVs mentioned in the article. I wonder how much that plays out amongst buyers "IRL" -- the Blazer and Renegade never crossed my mind.
  15. SportWest

    2021 Ford Bronco Sport Issue(s)

    Agreed about the 1.5L engine. I'm surprised at the quality variations on these things, though. Granted my old Big Bend was built in early 2021, but it didn't have any of those gaps, ripples, or other "obvious" defects documented here. When my Badlands arrives in a few weeks, I'm going over it...
  16. SportWest

    Waiting room

    For anyone else who wants to go mad tracking rail cars: turns out my rail car number was correct after all, it's just that Ford's system only updates at the 'junction points' (where the rail car switches carriers).
  17. SportWest

    2023 Bronco Sport colors from Ford Dealer site (new Atlas Blue & Eruption Green colors)

    Velocity Blue is a great color, shame to see it dropped. To me, it's *the* Ford blue on their newer cars. Eruption Green looks pretty cool but not sure how well it'll vibe with the black roof on OB/BL trims. The green they use for the Explorer Timberline would be better.
  18. SportWest

    Center Console Storage Upgrade

    I keep lots of quarters around for the car washes in town. Also vending machines.
  19. SportWest

    Waiting room

    My salesman sent me a screenshot of the VVR showing it was received in Nogales, AZ. But I don't know how or why a Ford rep would give me a specific rail car number for my VIN last week, unless a change was made at the last minute or something. I'll admit that it's been fun tracking the rail car...
  20. SportWest

    Waiting room

    According to Ford chat, my B.S. is still in Nogales, AZ waiting for a train (9 days). This means the last rep I chatted with over a week ago gave me an incorrect rail car number, and I've been tracking it lol. Thing is, that rail car is headed my way. Who knows, it'll get here when it gets here.