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  1. 2023MY Bronco Sport Order Bank, Production Scheduling, Job #1 Dates

    And Sync4. Why have a wireless charging pad when you need to hard-connect to get Android Auto (OK, I do use it to charge my ear buds)?
  2. Waiting room

    Finally showed up at the dealer! At this point, I'll wait until I see what the June incentives are before picking it up, but dang... 7 months.
  3. 2023MY Bronco Sport Order Bank, Production Scheduling, Job #1 Dates

    Wait... They published MY23 prices? My '22 showed up at the dealer today, 7 months after I ordered it. Excited to finally take delivery but depending on '23 pricing and updates (Sync4) , it may still make sense to order it and see what the 22BL is worth at delivery.
  4. RAIL Tracking After Vehicle Ships

    Yeah. It's stupid. Between trying to figure that UP automated response out and hacking Palsapp, there's no actual information to be had. Not even Ford chat nor the dealer have legitimate info.
  5. RAIL Tracking After Vehicle Ships

    Yeah... We need a guide to decipher what the automated system is telling us. I just called UP now and sounded like it was "released for movement" at 3PM today after being "loaded" around 4AM. I guess that means they checked and verified it's not going to fall off or something and they can...
  6. H&R Springs installed (With Pictures)

    Yeah... That's because H&R is not HRG. I'm going to blame COVID Brain for this one. :facepalm:
  7. H&R Springs installed (With Pictures)

    How does this compare to their 1.5" kit? I've been looking at that for my Badlands (if the train ever decides to get on the move again)?
  8. What Ford Sees as Bronco Sport's Competition

    Whenever I got stuck behind a car during my commute through the mid-2010s, it was always a Prius. Now it's almost always a Subaru. A stupid, slow Subaru. If it weren't for parking lots, I'd never know what the front of a Subaru looks like. My only guess is that all the previous owners of Prii...
  9. Best trade-in prices

    Anyone know where to get the highest trade-in/straight sale value in the greater DC Metro area (NoVA/MD/DE/Western PA)? Trying to sell my 21MY BS/OB; OBX package (w/moonroof). It would be cool to use this thread to share regional info. Vroom offered $35,658. Carvana offered $28,747. The...
  10. Waiting room

    Yeah, maybe. Mine is a completely loaded BL. I ordered both a pretty basic XL Super Duty, then a month later I decided to order a loaded Lariat. The XL still isn't scheduled but the Lariat will be here shortly. Who knows what's happening behind the curtain?
  11. Waiting room

    That's awesome. I ordered mine end of October. Scheduled 4/18 but was actually being built beginning 4/15. I was notified via email it's built this morning (should I be worried about the 4/20 finishing build date?) with an estimated delivery of 5/18 - 5/24. LONG wait, but the longer it got, the...
  12. Waiting room

    It's a great feeling, isn't it?
  13. Waiting room

    Oh, wow. Did you do the same build with the price increases to see how much you're saving over current MSRP?
  14. Waiting room

    Great news! Sheehy was marking up over list when I was trying to get one after my first one broke. However, I don't think they were one of the dealers that were marking up custom orders, causing the orderers to walk away in disgust but maybe check ahead of time to make sure you're locked in. I...
  15. Waiting room

    I had finally received a production date of early May, which was then moved to 4/18 (after ordering late October). I checked the tracker today and it's showing "In Production" with the window sticker available so that was surprising! After rebuilding the same spec today after price increases...
  16. Waiting room

    When was this? The offer for my '21 OB dropped quite a bit recently compared to even 5 weeks ago. I won't have negative equity, but now it looks like I'll be closer to breaking even than cashing in.
  17. Bronco Sport Price Increases Coming April 13, 2022

    Yeah- this. I ordered from a very small family-owned dealership in my area (Crouse in Taneytown). Definitely not pushing the most units in the area but they're honest and that goes a long way. My build is scheduled for Monday and the 6 months wait was worth it.
  18. Bronco Sport Price Increases Coming April 13, 2022

    Yes sir! Then the waiting game continues for my Super Duty. Ordered and confirmed early March but no VIN/production date yet. That could easily push to a '23MY now. What a time we're living in.