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  1. 3leggedhorse

    RIP MPG - 1.5L Cross-Country Trip W/ Roof Basket

    we recently traveled round trip Long Island to Pigeon Forge, TN. 1700 miles alltogether. 3 occupants, Thule Pulse roof box, 1.5l, stock tires. Handling was better yhan expected at interstate speeds. Traversing some of the local and back roads in the Great Smoky Mntns was also a...
  2. 3leggedhorse

    Upset over missing engine cover!

    Dollars and cents......that plastic bracket and two zip ties is probably cheaper than the foam cover and 3 more ball studs......someone got a promotion and you got a plastic bracket
  3. 3leggedhorse

    Liftgate Interior Button Missing?

    My 22 BB doesnt have it and I think unless you had a motorized lift gate, the interior switch is useless
  4. 3leggedhorse

    Upset over missing engine cover!

    See already have the insulator installed. You will need 3 ball studs (see part number on bag) the long stud is already there but is being used by the black plastic brace shown. As previously mentioned, cut zip ties and carefull pry the pressure tab on the brace away from the the...
  5. 3leggedhorse

    Looks Like the Honeymoon is Over

    Not sure if this applies but I remember seeing a post about someone's BS having a firewall that wasnt sealed, just tack welded resulting in leaking rain water and mold issues. I am not sure where exactly your issues are but you had two electrical/sensor issues under 1k miles...Is it water...
  6. 3leggedhorse

    Frost on inside of Windshield

    Do you know the build date?
  7. 3leggedhorse

    Bronco Sport BB w/ upgrade tires & roof racks

    Looks good....Did you do a lift or is that factory? Any clearance issues?