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  1. 2XIPA

    Outer Banks vs Badlands

    I drove an OB about 30 minutes after driving a CX-50 (non-turbo). The OB was definitely peppier to me. It almost felt like the parking break was on when driving the CX-50.
  2. 2XIPA

    Under Seat Storage ideas?

    I won’t get my BL until October. Curious as to the storage dimensions under the rear seat. TIA
  3. 2XIPA

    ⏰ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Next Week (7/18) For Build Weeks 9/5 Through 10/17

    Interesting. I ordered BB BL with premium on 5/27. Meanderthal ordered on 3/19. Difference seemed to be the 360+. That’s what I get for trying to make sense of the senseless.
  4. 2XIPA

    ⏰ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Next Week (7/18) For Build Weeks 9/5 Through 10/17

    Ugh. Sorry to hear this. I’m wondering if it’s the 360+ option holding you up?
  5. 2XIPA

    B&O Audio Interface

    Thanks for that. Being newly retired this year, and with newly found time, I built a couple subwoofer models a while ago. 🙂 Curious as to what speakers did you use to replace the B&O’s? I’ve read that some are getting good results not replacing the door tweeters or dash speakers. Also read in...
  6. 2XIPA

    B&O Audio Interface

    Awesome thanks! Looks like there’s room for even a larger subwoofer if you were so inclined. What are the distances between the mounting points on the sub? Almost seems you could mount a sub this large into the space. 10" x 8" x 3"...
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    Waiting room

    Lots of good new today from Ford. My build week is 9/12. Yahoo!
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    B&O Audio Interface

    I'm enjoying this thread. Would you happen to have any picture's of the right hand panel in the back removed showing the subwoofer? I'm curious that if the B&O subwoofer was removed a small subwoofer could be installed in it's place? e.g...
  9. 2XIPA

    Safe lite quoting $2,200 for windshield replacement!?

    Another consideration with window replacement is the molding around the glass. They try to use a generic replacement that looks like a garden hose around the windshield. It's big, bulbus, ugly, and bunches up in the corners when they follow the outline of the windshield. I've had to turn away...
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    Washington 235/65R17 Wildpeak AT3W 9K miles + more stuff!

    Howdy. PM sent regarding the Yakima HD Crossbar kit. I’m located south of Seattle.
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    Waiting room

    So imagine we’re price protected. What happens if there’s a new option or variation and you’d like to add it? I suppose we would go right back to the end of the line?
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    Waiting room

    Yikes I ordered 2.5 months after you. I’m wondering if I’ll end up getting a 2023 model?
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    Why did you order a Bronco Sport?

    Perfect size for me. But most importantly seems like a great gateway drug into off-roading.
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    Installing aftermarket speakers and sub in Bronco Sport!

    New member resurrecting on an older thread. Anyone replace the B&O subwoofer speaker? I know it's a 6X9 but nothing else about its size. TIA
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    Washington OEM Roof Rack Crossbars

    PM sent - thanks
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    B&O this sounds terrible

    I heard it in my buddy's Bronco and it sounded junk. Especially at higher levels. It was marginally better than the Bose in my convertible. But I'm still hoping for the best.
  17. 2XIPA

    3% under invoice!! Chapman of EHT now through 6/16/2022

    Nice, how is shipping handled to one's location?
  18. 2XIPA

    How long are you willing to wait?

    Hmmm, I suppose that's good news as I got my confirmation on 5/27/22 and should have it by then?