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  1. GizzardLizard

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Would I have any rubbing issues? I have a stock BB with no lift.
  2. GizzardLizard

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Its not something I've done TO my BS yet but its the starting point. Picked up some XL Maverick take off steelies from FB Market place. Set of 4 with center caps for $150! Next step: a set of 235 Falkens. That will come a bit later.
  3. GizzardLizard

    Recalls are Job 1

    See with Chevy they're not recalled as much because they tend to blow up later on just after the warranty expires. Ford is no Toyota, but I like that they're trying new things and offering some actually pretty interesting vehicles for the price point. I mean who else is offering a boxy unibody...
  4. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport Order Guide First Look, Introducing Black Diamond Off-Road Package

    Nothing on this about the alleged Heritage Editions, though. Hmmm, I wonder when we'll hear more about that.
  5. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport Order Guide First Look, Introducing Black Diamond Off-Road Package

    So wait you're telling me they're going to be offering Green AND an off road package that includes the faux steelies from the Badlands?? Anyone interested in a low mile Velocity Blue Big Bend......?
  6. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport HERITAGE and HERITAGE Limited Edition revealed via VIN decoder

    I speculate its going to be a baby version of the big Bronco's Heritage Edition with different retro styling details like new wheel designs, potentially a different grille, and maybe even a white top option finally. Depending on what it ends up being and the options, this could be pretty...
  7. GizzardLizard

    We love our BS.... but name one thing you dislike about it

    The first one is the only sort of serious issue I have. The rest are just minor gripes. The sun glare on the hood can be awful. A 4x4 Lock button on the lower trims would've been nice. I'm happy not having all the GOAT Modes, Locking Diff, and Rock Crawl functions that the Badlands has but if...
  8. GizzardLizard

    2023 Bronco Sport colors from Ford Dealer site (new Atlas Blue & Eruption Green colors)

    As someone who ordered a 22 and REALLY wanted green, the salt is definitely real 🤣 That said, VB is a fantastic color and really hard to beat as much as I love/want green. Everyone thats seen it loves the color. I'll save green for when I trade up for the upcoming hybrid version in a couple...
  9. GizzardLizard

    Bronco II- Where's the love?

    BII was slightly before my time but I always liked them and thought they were kind of overlooked in the Bronco world at least until recently. I agree with the others that the BS is sort of a modern successor to the BII, which is another reason the BS appealed to me.
  10. GizzardLizard

    Ford Bronco Sport Hybrid Prototype Potentially Spotted Testing

    I'd definitely upgrade to a hybrid if they end up offering it. Thats something I'd even keep long term (with an extended warranty to be safe of course), at least until EVs become more viable. Hybrids are a good compromise until we get to that point IMO. A Bronco Sport with fuel economy in the...
  11. GizzardLizard

    Having possible regrets ordering Area51 color the more I look at Velocity Blue... I think not sure!

    Does your BL order have the gray roof option? I have a Big Bend in VB but I still think Area 51 BLs with the gray roof look fantastic. It's a subtle difference but goes a long way IMO. And VB is also a pretty vibrant color which I love and have zero regrets but it did surprise me how much...
  12. GizzardLizard

    Just put Maverick steel wheels (steelies) on my 2021 sport. What do you all think?

    By the way, any noticeable difference on your fuel economy with the heavier steel wheels?
  13. GizzardLizard

    2023MY info?

    Info will probably be coming out closer to August, I'm curious as well. I could sell my BB for more than I paid so I'm already toying with the idea of ordering a Badlands and putting any profit toward that.
  14. GizzardLizard

    Just put Maverick steel wheels (steelies) on my 2021 sport. What do you all think?

    Been looking at getting a set for some winter/off road tires. I'd be keeping them silver since it goes well with velocity blue.
  15. GizzardLizard

    Official VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    Incredibly happy with the color! I absolutely love it, and so does everyone I know who's seen it! It stands out a bit more than expected which is a bit of an adjustment going from my previous vehicle (black Nissan Altima) which was more subtle, but I don't mind it at all. My BS is also the only...
  16. GizzardLizard

    February production date

    Its finally here!!
  17. GizzardLizard

    Waiting room

    After over 4 months, I'm finally out of the waiting room! Came in last Saturday, and picked it up yesterday. It feels so good to finally have it! The wait was hard but worth it in the end. I'm absolutely ecstatic.
  18. GizzardLizard

    February production date

    Man, VB is such a good color on the BS. I'm so glad I went with it! Congrats!! Still waiting on mine, but it ought to be any day now!
  19. GizzardLizard

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W 245/65R17 on BB

    I must say, I've never much cared for those rims but with a bigger more aggressive tire they look so much better! Reminds me a bit of the stock wheels on the full size Bronco Badlands.
  20. GizzardLizard

    February production date

    Like I said the other day, the 4/9 to 4/15 ETA seems rather optimistic to me lol. But that works because I was hoping it'd be more toward the end of April so that it gives me time to get my current vehicle prepped and appraised, as I'd like to have a few dealers give me an appraisal so I can get...