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  1. Bronco II

    OFFICIAL OXFORD WHITE Bronco Sport Thread

    Just added Bronco Sport gloss decals to the tailgate of the wife's Badlands Badlands
  2. Bronco II

    ? Bronco Sport December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 6,278 Sold / 9,170 Produced

    I'd love to have a Aviator I think they are so sleek and sexy but they are to expensive for me. Seems like evey time Ford has winner at Lincoln they raise the price on it.
  3. Bronco II

    It’s here!!

    Congratulations great looking car
  4. Bronco II

    Revealed: Custom Build Bronco Sports to Debut at SEMA 2021

    Looks like a regular Ford project ad graphics and mix and match parts from other Ford's to make it look new.
  5. Bronco II

    Ford moving toward build-to-order, away from huge dealer inventories

    Ford can't fill the orders they have right now hell they couldn't get the special orders they had before covid delivered them in any kind of timely manner. I'm not waiting six months for the car I want I'll buy it off the lot or from some car maker that's wants my money.
  6. Bronco II

    Primer Videos Worth Watching For New Bronco Sport Owners

    My wife's BS BL BL was a long distance delivery. I synced her phone and set up Ford Pass the night we brought it home before the salesman called the next day.
  7. Bronco II

    Disabled auto start/stop with Forscan

    I turn it off every time I get in my Ranger but the wife leaves it on when she drives her BL BL
  8. Bronco II

    Waiting room

    Better call and see my dealer showed three and didn't have any
  9. Bronco II

    How is the Badlands at Highway Speeds?

    The Badlands is great at highway speeds 70 - 80 miles per hour are easy and stress free
  10. Bronco II

    Bronco Sport rollover crash shows strength of passenger compartment

    Dag that was a bad one I wonder how many times it rolled.
  11. Bronco II

    2022MY Bronco Sport Dates: Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start

    It'll be interesting to see what Bronze Smoke looks like
  12. Bronco II

    OFFICIAL OXFORD WHITE Bronco Sport Thread

    We just got the wife's BL BL this past Monday the 23rd. She's very happy with it.
  13. Bronco II

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    We picked upped the wife's BL BL monday and the wife loves it.
  14. Bronco II

    Bronco Sport with package including moonroof: tragedy and triumph

    If there is it's imperceptible in the wifes BL BL the headroom clearance is considerable.
  15. Bronco II

    Waiting room

    We're Montgomery area about 20 miles from Charleston WV
  16. Bronco II

    Waiting room

    We it the jack pot our dealer Ramey Ford in Princeton WV had a BS BL BL come in today. We did everything over the phone and they brought it to us 92 miles away the wife fell in love with it and we signed the papers and now it's hers. It's Badlands Badlands with Copilot 360 assist plus. It has...
  17. Bronco II

    What is coming ( or not ) for the 2022 Model Year ?

    Very true because Ford isn't building any Badlands and from the ten dealers I've talked to there ain't any in the pipeline that aren't special ordered and extremely few of those.