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  1. John2Names

    Do you use autostart?

    Ive tried it both ways and get 1.5mpg better with it on. I’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me.
  2. John2Names

    First paint chip...and it's a doozy

    Get some touch up paint from Ford and work it carefully. If you do it right you will barely be able to see it. Of course you will know it’s there but you will eventually forget its there.
  3. John2Names

    Removing SPORT Badge

    I personally have no problem with the sport letters. After all that’s what it is. To each his own I guess.
  4. John2Names

    Car Wash problems

    I go through those types of carwashes almost weekly. Never had that problem. Sounds like you had the hill anti roll device on. Nothing else you mentioned makes any sense.
  5. John2Names

    Should I switch to premium fuel?

    I’ve got 2,000 miles on my OBX and I get 24-26 mpg city. Sounds like you have a problem. Premium will be a waste of money. Do you leave the auto start/stop on. That really makes a large difference with mine.
  6. John2Names

    Stealth Build🦇

    Looks nice but for the life of me I could never understand why someone would intentionally put black covers over their lights. And don’t tell me it doesn’t matter when you get rear ended on a bright sunny day because someone didn’t notice your blacked out brake lights.
  7. John2Names

    Automatic high beams

    Mine work perfectly. Going to keep using it.
  8. John2Names

    How well made is your Bronco Sport?

    Being a life long Ford fan, it is exactly what I was expecting; and more. Love mine…
  9. John2Names

    Reliability? Worried :(

    I had the wrench light come on in the 2019 Ranger Lariat FX4 I traded in on my BS OB. I parked it when I got to my destination. The next time I drove it the light was out and never came back on for the next 9,000 miles I drove it before the trade in. If it goes out and doesn’t come back on, why...
  10. John2Names

    What's your other ride(s)?

    2021 Explorer ST. If it ain’t a Ford, it ain’t in my garage…
  11. John2Names

    It's not just the Bronco Sport

    You can also use Google Maps with an iPhone. Just down load it from the App Store and you can use it by accessing the apps on the screen when using Apple Car Play. Much better than Apple Maps and looks great.
  12. John2Names

    We love our BS.... but name one thing you dislike about it

    I miss the Homelink I had in my Ranger. Hate having to use a garage door opener all the time.
  13. John2Names

    We love our BS.... but name one thing you dislike about it

    If you turn it off every time your mileage will suffer.
  14. John2Names

    Auto Start Stop

    Mine does this when it is Extra cold or hot outside. It is normal and a safety feature to keep your battery healthy. Not an issue.
  15. John2Names

    Rear Door Locks

    I believe there is a setting for that. Look in the manual. I believe you have a choice of only drivers door or all doors.
  16. John2Names

    Need a Ford Motor Company supervisor to reach out

    My recall notice advised it regards a vacuum booster and is safe to drive until fixed. Only precautionary.