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  1. Petroph

    Revised Production Date! AGAIN!!!

    Yikes! Hopefully you aren't waiting an additional 6 months for that replacement to be built.
  2. Petroph

    Revised Production Date! AGAIN!!!

    Mine still hasn't been updated on the tracker. So hoping this week for some movement on that part.
  3. Petroph

    Revised Production Date! AGAIN!!!

    So far, no delay email, so I'm hoping it is actually this week as indicated. Just waiting anxiously for the "In-Production" email. 😅 Kinda wishing I got the muf flaps as well now, after seeing posts on them. But that'll have to be a purchase after I get the vehicle. I am not risking any addons...
  4. Petroph

    Official HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Sport Thread

    Thats a great looking car. Ordered a few days before me. Did you get a sun roof?
  5. Petroph

    Revised Production Date! AGAIN!!!

    I have the same build week, but no delay email yet. I'm sure I'll see it first thing in the morning now. 😓
  6. Petroph

    Tall People W/ Sunroof

    Ya, I can see long trips being a bit cramped. I seem to have the same issue in my older Jeep Patriot, which was pretty similar in size. But, I rarely go on long trips. At most is ever a 2 hr drive one way every few months. But it is def a concern for me. Hoping my dealership gets another BS in...
  7. Petroph

    Insurance increase for Bronco Sport

    That is what I was thinking. Ford has already increased prices twice this year from my understanding for the BS.
  8. Petroph

    Data DOT Theft Deterrent

    Is it a "mandatory" option? If it is, seems like a dealer markup disguessed as a market adjustment.
  9. Petroph

    Strange stains on driver's floorboard under gas pedal...

    I'm not going to lie, you freakin killed it with that response. 😅
  10. Petroph

    White and Amber LED Side Marker Light

    This looks sharp. I was disappointed there were no LED marker on the mirrors for the BS, despite the full size having it. I may get a pair of the ambers myself and do this too as this looks very sharp from the side.
  11. Petroph

    Show off your Roof Rack

    Look at the size of that rack! 😅
  12. Petroph

    Stop it... PLEASE!

    Are the fans on the headlights really that loud? I've seen a number of posts about these fans. I've driven a few vehicles with LED lights, and rarely hear fans roaring in the background.
  13. Petroph

    Waiting Over! :)

    Ahh that makes sense! I thought I was losing it. 😅
  14. Petroph

    Waiting Over! :)

    Wow. What features did you get on yours? Only just shy of 4 months for a badlands from your order date to delivery? That's some serious luck right there. Considering some are still waiting since Oct of 2021.
  15. Petroph

    Frustrated - 3 Week Old Bronco Keyed

    I feel like I would blow a gasket if this happened to me. Wait half a year or more for a custom order vehicle only for some jealous A-hole to key your long awaited vehicle. I remember when I got my 2014 F150, years ago. It was still pretty new, used, but new. First day I got it, I parked in a...
  16. Petroph

    Waiting room

    Whoah! Ordered in Oct of last year and its already July. That is crazy! My build date is only a few weeks away from yours now and I placed my order in Feb of this year. I feel at least 2 or 3 more delays at this point before production even starts. I'm still hoping for a Christmas 2022...
  17. Petroph

    Waiting room

    Got an email today. My build was pushed back an additional week to July 4th. Seriously doubt that will be happening with the holiday, so I expect another delay soon. Original Production Date: 6-20-22 Re-Scheduled: 6-27-22 Re-Scheduled again: 7-4-22
  18. Petroph

    Garage space question

    Height is not an issue for me. I can fit my F150 in the garage height wise. But width wise is difficult to open the doors and the garage is not long enough so I could never close the garage.
  19. Petroph

    Car Wash problems

    This is pretty interesting. So what does pressing L do? I don't have my BS yet. But I do go through some washes that also have the same rail system where it pushes the car. I figured, like others have, Neutral would mean still go forward if pushed.
  20. Petroph

    Garage space question

    I have the same concern with a single car garage. But I can fit a Honda Accord in my 1 car garage and the BS is slightly shorter so I dont think I'll have issues with it.