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  1. Back Pain?

    I’m still fiddling with all the settings. I will say that adjusting the steering wheel position did more for comfort than adjusting the seats. It changes how your body aligns with the seat. I didn’t appreciate the Recaros in my Focus ST until I got in my badlands…they were incredible.
  2. What does a Bronco grill look like?

    That’s a bit, which attaches to a bridle. I think that’s coincidence.
  3. Cotter Pin

    Yea, that won't be an issue. I'm using it for a bike rack. Besides, I'd be the one who would walk into a ball if I left it there.
  4. Cotter Pin

    So... maybe a bit of a dumb question. I've never had a vehicle with a hitch before. Does the bronco sport come with a Cotter Pin for the hitch? Or do they come with a tow ball? or do you have to get them separately? Is there a particular size I need to get?
  5. Hybrid Bronco Sport... where is it!!!??? :(

    I expect within 2 years we'll have. hybrid bronco sport to compete with the hybrid Rav4, and a Hybrid big Bronco to compete with the Wrangler Hybrid, but there's no point launching them until they get their supply chain under control. The Maverick, and F-150's are enough strain on it.
  6. Waiting room

    Well that was unexpected. My dealership arrival date on the tracker got moved from the week of July 10th to the week of June 26th.
  7. Moving to Full Size Bronco?

    I would consider an electric or hybrid big bronco. But there’s no way I’m paying the gas for one these days when a sport will suit my needs just fine.
  8. Production Date changed AGAIN

    Honestly. Those dates you had were never realistic. Average time seems to be about 6 months? It will have been 7 when I get mine. So if you’re in that range - I’d say your very much in the normal range, and don’t expect it In less.
  9. Toyota Compact Cruiser Concept

    It’s not a competitor in that it’s an EV. I do love it though. Especially from the front.
  10. Order Timeline

    Mines due to arrive this time next week - 7 months after ordering it. Dealer said 3-4 when I ordered.
  11. Show off your Roof Rack

    Would be helpful to know/see how they are attached to the factory rails too
  12. How long are you willing to wait?

    7 months apparently. 😢
  13. Waiting room

    Well, it's about damned time. I ordered it January 4th with the expectation it would be 3-4 months, It's finally built after 5 months, and another month and a half to ship it from Mexico to Toronto. Figured the train time would be 3 weeks, not 5-6.
  14. Power Liftgate - Does it exist on any BS?

    I figured it was related to the openable glass window. But it could also be related to the exoectation that people will be using a hitch often and it could hit racks?
  15. Avoiding New Tire Rim Damage

    I’m planning on putting my winter tires on the factory rims and get some nice new rims for summer use with the factory tires.
  16. Badlands ordered, Ford changing options.

    My loaded badlands (everything but sunroof), entered production this week. According to the window sticker - it has everything ordered.
  17. Intentionally locking the keys in the car

    Having never had this feature before. It's one that I am looking forward to most. I mountain bike a lot, and I hate riding with my keys on me. First off, there is the fear of losing my Keyes on the trail. I've never had it happen, but I know people who have, and I've seen many a fob get found...
  18. Badlands ordered, Ford changing options.

    This is pretty suspect unless somebody else from a different dealer receives the same messaging. It worries me a little still though since I have a Badlands with premium package that’s supposed to get built in the next couple of weeks - which puts it after May 8th. Without the premium...
  19. ⏱ 2022 Bronco Sport Scheduling Next Week (4/18) For Build Weeks 5/30 Through 6/27

    So.. my vehicle was assigned for the week of May 16th - but that doesn't seem to be a week for Bronco Sports? Maybe it was changed? Pushed forward or back?
  20. Rear Floodlamp Popped Out

    Interesting.. what's it look like out? It's wired in isn't it? Wonder if it's possible to put in brighter lights?