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  1. bobdod

    6/27 Build Week

    Still just module data from 7/1. Still says in production.
  2. bobdod

    6/27 Build Week

    My sticker shows: 006751 731/1087
  3. bobdod

    6/27 Build Week

    I see module data this morning! Tracker shows In Production still but with a date of 7/1 next to it now. Not sure when it populated as I didn’t get to check yesterday, but… IT’S ALIVE (finally)
  4. bobdod

    6/27 Build Week

    As far as I know the "blend date" on the tracker app doesn't populate. Most here received a 6/27 build week notification from Ford email. My invoice date was 6/22. Next thing to look out for would be module data I believe.
  5. bobdod

    6/27 Build Week

    Still crickets here too....
  6. bobdod

    6/27 Build Week

    Hoping for the same! I can't even begin to understand how their scheduling order works, and it just makes it more frustrating when I try to.
  7. bobdod

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Is that an Area 51 shed now?
  8. bobdod

    Waiting room

    I'm not sure exactly, I've seen a few different denominators on that number in the 6/27 build week thread. Guessing it's different batches on different start dates or something? It may have been discussed in one of the 400 pages here but I'm not sure. Here is what I see in that corner:
  9. bobdod

    Question about FINANCING the Bronco Sport...

    So, the Vincent report will show eligible incentives throughout entire order timeline? Could be things like rebates, cash back, finance rates? I assume they aren't 'obligated' to offer them? i.e. if 2% for 60 months was available in February, would I be eligible for that rate?
  10. bobdod

    Waiting room

    Officially made it into production. Invoiced 6 months + 9 days (191 days) after order. Ouch. Sticker shows 731/1087 for build order.
  11. bobdod

    6/27 Build Week

    My 6/27 build sticker is up too! Build order reads at: 006751 731/1087
  12. bobdod

    Waiting room

    Nice! I'm not enjoying the fact that I haven't seen my sticker show up yet after seeing all these data points of other 6/27 build dates already getting their stickers... This waiting room is a blessing and curse
  13. bobdod

    Waiting room

    Looks like we're going to be in the same week- near identical timelines and similar builds. No sticker for me yet though, but so relieved to finally be at this step.
  14. bobdod

    Wireless Carplay w/ CarlinKit - YES!

    You can get the Carlinkit 4.0 which is the latest and does Android Auto as well for about $60 - here is a thread on Slickdeals with details. I bought the 3.0 from this same site (LightintheBox) and it arrive in a about a week once shipped.
  15. bobdod

    Grease from brake pedal on floor mat

    Well there is a thread immediately under this one you made that may be relevant....
  16. bobdod

    ⏱ No Bronco Sport Scheduling Next Week (6/13)

    For real - seems like they have a lot to figure out at the plant to get back on some sort of remotely predictable path
  17. bobdod

    Waiting room

    Welp, pushed back again this time to 6/27. And at this rate, no reason to believe that’s the actual date.
  18. bobdod

    How long are you willing to wait?

    I've fallen victim to the sunk cost fallacy at this point. Ordered in December, only recently received a June build date that's been delayed once. I'm very much in a loop of: "well I've waited this long...". I don't need this vehicle. We do need a new one, but there are other choices. But, at...
  19. bobdod

    Goat control button cover

    This is where I'm at lol. This seemed to escalate excessively - a good message, granted, but still. I'd gladly 3D print something for you OP. Sadly my Bronco sport isn't born yet...but with some dimensions and photos I could make something. Could probably even make it so you can still press...