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  1. Kraken

    Stealth Build🦇

    Looks amazing! What's the recovery board mount?
  2. Kraken

    Lots of bugs on windshield due to hood design?

    The bug guard really does work. Last year I did two road trips from Seattle to Yellowstone. First one I ran out of washer fluid twice from clearing them off constantly. Second time after installing the hood protector there was a huge difference in the amount of windshield splatters. Though the...
  3. Kraken

    Roof Rack Side Accessory Panel

    I would like that for my recovery boards, look forward to see how it fits!
  4. Kraken

    Whats the best Tire traction boards and shovel?

    For a good shovel check out a local military surplus store, or they can also be easily found online. For the price an old military one will be way more durable than some Ozark Trail folding shovel from Walmart. I have a East German one with a nice length wood handle. It was $30 at a surplus...
  5. Kraken

    My car automatically goes into park!

    Also if you're in gear and shut off the ignition it will go into park automatically.
  6. Kraken

    Where have you been in your BS?

    This was over Stampede Pass outside Issaquah, WA. Pretty fun beginner trail with some rough and steep patches of rocks Also did a road trip to Yellowstone. This a scenic pull over spot somewhere in MT. Inside Yellowstone
  7. Kraken

    Puget Sound Bronco Sports

    First of all Congrats! Secondly too bad not to see you there. I'm definitely down to meet up Sunday, who else is going? An idea for later in Spring, just outside Issaquah is a forest road trail called Stampede Pass. I did it over the summer, 30 mile trail that starts just outside downtown...
  8. Kraken

    Poll: How much did you pay for your Bronco Sport?

    I don't know what the MSRP was at the time, but I bought my Base Model for $26.5k in March. Which was just literally weeks before car prices went crazy.
  9. Kraken

    Kinda Obsessed

    So I'm kind of short and never knew there was a center roof hump. That's cool.
  10. Kraken

    New owner - Things I'm surprised about

    It does the same thing if you open the door while in Drive
  11. Kraken

    What’s favorite colors you DIDN’T pick??

    In the renders Kodiak Brown looks awful. Still haven't seen one in person but I've seen a couple photos under natural light posted here and it looks really nice. Looks more like a darker burgundy.
  12. Kraken

    Base Model Badge Sticker

    Nice, be sure to post a pic when you get it. I'm thinking about ordering the reflective black to against my Iconic Silver paint.
  13. Kraken

    Base Model Badge Sticker

    I've been thinking about this one
  14. Kraken

    Puget Sound Bronco Sports

    Stampede Pass outside Issaquah is a nice drive through some forest roads that wind up and back down a mountain. Varying roughness of dirt and some sections with small rocks, nothing to challenging. Also lots of spots to pull of for camping.
  15. Kraken

    Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    The bug guard works very well. Here's the results of a 900 mile roadtrip this weekend. The entire front end and roof rail are covered in bugs, but there were only a few splatters on the windshield. I'm impressed.
  16. Kraken

    My newest flair

    The Bronco Sport is just begging for vinyl decals everywhere. I put this on this weekend to represent the PNW. I got it on Etsy, looks like they have most or all other states.
  17. Kraken

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I was hesitant about trusting myself putting on the hood protector/bug guard, but it went on very easily. Memorial Day weekend I drove to Cody, Wyoming through Yellowstone and my windshield was just a horrible bug massacre, ran out of washer fluid twice. I put this on Thursday night and drove...
  18. Kraken

    Driving past a Bronco Sport on the road

    I haven't seen yours yet, I've wanting to see a Cyber Orange in person. But I have a seen have an Area 51 Outer Banks on I5 a few times.
  19. Kraken

    How well has your 1.5L bronco sport performed off road?

    I haven't done anything too serious off-road yet. I've only driven Mustangs before, so I'm completely new to going off pavement. I have been exploring some trails and forest roads locally. This picture below was taken on one of the more smoother parts of a trail I did a couple weeks ago, the...