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  1. Idiot

    So there was a really good thread on here about aftermarket steelies and mounting the center caps with magnets. They were black rims on a black BS and looked sharp. The OP did a great job explaining how he did the center caps with pictures and everything. Like an idiot I didn't bookmark it...
  2. Put a fork in it...... build it's done.

    I think I'm done with it now.....maybe. Thanks to all the advice from this forum. Bronco on!!
  3. Filthy BS

    Upstate NY in February. No such thing as a clean car. Come on Spring!!
  4. Christmas

    Merry Christmas all ya filthy animals! Bronco on!
  5. 6 Switch Auxbeam Switchbox installed !

    A couple photos of the 6 Switch Auxbeam swithbox. Cleaned things up in a hurry! I recommend!
  6. Will steelies wheels from Ford Escape fit?

    2021 Big Bend - I want to put my winter tires on more classic looking, and cheaper, steelies. As best as my research can tell, the rim size for the Big Bend is 17 x 5 x 108. This is the same size as the Ford Escape, so my obvious, and probably stupid question is - am I safe to buy cheap...
  7. Auxbeam 6 gang switch panel - where to hook up the base unit ACC connection?

    Help. I got the Auxbeam 6 gang switch panel and it looks fairly simple to install. For those who have installed it or a similar product - where did you hook up the base unit ACC connection? I'm assuming it would be most appropriate to go to a switched source, but where? Thank you for any...
  8. Dirty but almost done! Big Bend Bronco Sport Build w/ Rough Country, Reese, and Ford Ranger Lifts

    My BB so far. Thanks to Rough Country, Reese, and Ford Ranger Lifts for excellent service and great products. New tires in the fall and I call it done.
  9. My Big Bend