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  1. SLJ

    1.5L towing long distances. Share your reports / experiences

    2,000 lb. camper no problem. Wouldn't tow it in the Rockies but here in the East, no problems.
  2. SLJ

    Show off your Roof Rack

    Yakima Timberline all the way.
  3. SLJ

    Front or Rear Brakes Recall?

    Mine were the front brake pads. They were replaced.
  4. SLJ

    Cup Holder Ambient Lighting

    From everything I've seen it's one of the three or four things removed from the 2022 Outer Banks that the 2021s have. My 2021 has them.
  5. SLJ

    It's not just the Bronco Sport

    I think it's more supply chain issues than anything else.
  6. SLJ

    To all with a missing engine cover: (1.5L)

    My mechanic left mine off for a test drive. Said as soon as he pulled out, the additional engine noise reminded him it was still sitting on the bench.
  7. SLJ

    Bronco Sport 1.5 Liter Recall!

    Goy my 21 OB in for both that and the brake pad recall last Tuesday. Done and done. Took under an hour.
  8. SLJ

    It's not just the Bronco Sport

    Noticed on the 22 Outer Banks I saw the other day that my 2021 has, no ambient light in the cupholders, no temp display on the climate control knobs, no folding rear headrests and of course, no engine cover. Don't know if it's all of them or just a supply issue. I'll keep my 21.
  9. SLJ

    RECALL on oil separator

    All they do first is inspect it for damage and check the serial number. If it is damaged then it might take longer but the initial inspection is only a few minutes if there's no problem with it.
  10. SLJ

    RECALL on oil separator

    Took mine in today to have the oil separator inspected per recall (no problem) and my brake pads had also arrived. Both recalls done in under an hour.
  11. SLJ

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    It's a little workhorse hauling my canoes and pulling my teardrop.
  12. SLJ

    87 vs 91 Octane?

    91 when towing.
  13. SLJ

    RECALL on oil separator

    They will inspect it. The fix is replacing it IF it was damaged during installation. Nothing wrong with the design, just the installation may have damaged some.
  14. SLJ

    Anyone pulling camper?

    We travel light. Don't carry water when towing. Battery is moved inside so not on tongue. Tongue weight is at 180 lbs. Tows just fine. Have gauge for both engine temp, transmission temp and horsepower. Factory tow package is required as the transmission is the weak point, not the engines and...
  15. SLJ

    Anyone pulling camper?

    Using a Curt Echo Bluetooth controller. Couldn't find a wiring harness for a Bronco Sport. Ran a fused charging wire up front to the battery.
  16. SLJ

    Anyone pulling camper?

  17. SLJ

    Anyone pulling camper?

    I used this from etrailer to use my existing four pin and add power for charging and brakes: Curt Trailer Connector Adapter - 4-Way to 7-Way
  18. SLJ

    Anyone pulling camper?

    The disadvantage is when traveling it's like a pop up you can't set it up and use it in rest areas or parking lots. We wanted something for just the two of us and the dog with little or no set-up for traveling. The teardrop is perfect. Some of the others listed above are dry weight so you have...
  19. SLJ

    Anyone pulling camper?

    Has everything. AC, furnace, kitchen-sink-stove-fridge, bathroom, TV, stereo, solar. It's our hard shell tent with all the comforts of home. [email protected] 320S
  20. SLJ

    Anyone pulling camper?

    Wound up with this teardrop last year at 1,850+ Lbs so packing light and towing at max keeping it under 65. Does just fine in the hills but wouldn't tow it in the Rockies. Added a gauge for monitoring engine and tranny temp.