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  1. ChefDank

    First road trip towing in my 2021 BS Badlands

    346 miles round trip A lot of steep grades Averaged 21.8 mpg; Interior was fully packed with 2 adults, 1 child, and our dog. Averaged 73-78 mph depending on traffic and grade. I kept it in sport mode the whole time for that Xtra umph and had the a/c on as well. I have to say I am pleasantly...
  2. ChefDank

    Mirror Replacement Timeline HELP

    Oh...I thought you were looking for the glass replacement. You can either buy covers for them or there is 1 on ebay. Not sure how much the dealer is asking for a new one
  3. ChefDank

    Mirror Replacement Timeline HELP

    If you can't find the BS mirror in-stock; look for a Ford Escape mirror. I'm pretty sure they will be the same.....
  4. ChefDank

    Frustrated - 3 Week Old Bronco Keyed

    This is one of my fears; hence I park far from everyone if I can 🤷‍♂️ gives me a little peace of mind.....
  5. ChefDank

    Bronco Sport stealth Road Pirate

    Everytime I see a Base model the untinted rear windows it really throws me off; just doesn't look right imo. I'd tint the windows asap for the look as well as keeping some of the sun out
  6. ChefDank

    Falken Tire Warranty ?

    Invest in a tire plug kit.....very easy, it'll save you time and money. As long as it's not on the sidewall you are good to go 🤙💪
  7. ChefDank

    Cold air intake for 2.0L

    Not sure; I'm going to take a look on how the current air box pulls air in. I know when you have a "cone" filter the claim is more air because of the design. More "cold" air for the turbo is always a plus 💪
  8. ChefDank

    Front grille options

    So who is going to be the 1st to attempt this install? Says it fits 2021-2021 BS
  9. ChefDank

    Cold air intake for 2.0L

    This is the first real intake system I've seen for the BS. I've seen lots of ppl throw the K&N filters claiming "gains"; which I'm very skeptical of. I've had a few intake systems installed on cars and had noticeable increase of HP. (Or maybe it was the $300+ I paid and I kept telling myself...
  10. ChefDank

    Bronco Sport review from body on frame guy.

    I believe the "bumps" on the hood are the tracking lines for tire placement while off roading and whatnot
  11. ChefDank

    Aeroskin Hood Protector Scratches

    Cheapest route would be plastidip
  12. ChefDank

    32,000 miles - should i buy extended warranty?

    Over 54,000 miles and no issues. OB with original tires My Scorpions barely made 18k
  13. ChefDank

    Boomba Racing Blow Off Valve (BOV) adapter; Vent to Atmosphere on BL 2.0

    Knowledge is power my friend 🤙 A great positive of this forum....take the good and leave the bad
  14. ChefDank

    Unexpected Baby

    Keep em both; that 7.3 inline is bulletproof and a tank. I have the 02 powerstroke F350xlt super duty and I'll drive it cross county without a blink of an eye. I had a 01 CRV with the VTec engine; cheap to work on and it was a tank. I beat the hell out of that vehicle and she kept coming for...
  15. ChefDank

    Boomba Racing Blow Off Valve (BOV) adapter; Vent to Atmosphere on BL 2.0

    Never had it void a warranty before; I'm sure if something fails and they can blame the BOV they will. But they will do that to any aftermarket part 🤷‍♂️
  16. ChefDank

    32,000 miles - should i buy extended warranty?

    People always get the extended because they finance it and it changes thier monthly payment $30-$40 so they think it's a deal but really are paying interest on it as well. I guarantee if you were to put that money in your drawer every month you will have more than enough for a repair when...
  17. ChefDank

    Boomba Racing Blow Off Valve (BOV) adapter; Vent to Atmosphere on BL 2.0

    I understand that; I've had that on other systems as well. BOV is more To each thier own.... I dont like to vent back into system; I had trouble with a previous vehicle.
  18. ChefDank

    Boomba Racing Blow Off Valve (BOV) adapter; Vent to Atmosphere on BL 2.0

    I'm not in it for the sound; I'm in it for the functionality of a BOV. It's meant to stop back pressure to the turbo. I've had turbos in my cars since 2009 and I've had to replace a few along the way. In my world it's called preventive maintenance. Even when you arrive at your destination...
  19. ChefDank

    BL Front Skid Plate Options

    Need someone to design a skid plate that fully mounts for a frontal protection. Maybe have it come up and connect to where the tow hooks are; then it would give stability and structure. I'm hoping more aftermarket accessories come available for the BS 🤞🙏