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  1. Briar Gates

    Report: Towing with a Big Bend Bronco Sport

    I towed with my 1.5 Big Bend over the weekend, and I didn't find it to be lacking anything. Avg mpg was still 26 on the road. I was really pleased with it, after previously driving a 14' Fusion 1.5, and pulling the same set up with a 14' 2.0 Explorer-I think it has a broader torque curve.
  2. Briar Gates

    What were you driving prior to your BS?

    Previously drove a 2014 Explorer Base with the 2.0 ecobeast. Not a terrible commuter, but 22/23 mpg at best. Traded for 2022 Cactus Big Bend, convenience package, and wheel upgrade. Have not been this enthused about a vehicle in a long time.