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  1. Fordson04

    Hitch and ball mount?

    I had a place that specializes in truck accessories and hitch installation do mine. And they were around the same price as the U-Haul quote. Took about a week for them to get everything in and then had it done in a few hours. Wiring and all! So wouldn't hurt to see if there are any local hitch...
  2. Fordson04

    Report: Towing with a Big Bend Bronco Sport

    I know people say the 1.5l is underpowered but I just don't see it. It pulls really well for what it is and I really don't feel it really struggling. Just pulled this this weekend and it's about 1200 lbs of weight and had no issues and there was a lot of winding and uphills and had no issues.
  3. Fordson04

    Forscan spread sheet

    Sorry haven't been on in a while. Had to change settings in several of the modules. The IPC, IPMA and the APIM to turn it on. What intelligent cruise is, is adaptive cruise plus it automatically just speed based of the sign recognition. Its nice but its also hit and miss as you got to watch...
  4. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent Cruise

    I don't think so but can't say for sure as there haven't been any sync updates since I have done this. However I made changes on my fusion years ago on the old Ford touch system and it didn't undo change when I did updates.
  5. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent Cruise

    For the apim you should be able to use easy mode mode and turn the option on and off. Have an issue of that when I first bought the truck I turned that on and it did allow me to turn the optionally but would tell me it was unavailable due to the ipma not being set. For whatever reason once I...
  6. Fordson04

    Higher ethanol fuel

    I've been running e15 88 octane for a few months now and I'm still getting between 26 to 29 mpg average.
  7. Fordson04

    Climate Domain works! (On screen climate controls)

    I could never get this to work for me either I'll have to give it another shot this afternoon once my wife gets home since her car's in the shop and I work from home so she stole my car haha
  8. Fordson04

    Forscan spread sheet

    I agree with that, the other communities definitely seem to be more involved with modding. I have been able to make some changes looking at escape forum haha. I tried to add drive modes to my big bend but no luck, since it doesnt have the same dual clutch rear as badlands, even though the...
  9. Fordson04

    Another Recall?!?!? - Airbags?

    As Jess1 mentioned this is just the generic Takata recall notification. If you scroll down it will show you the recalls on yours. Mine shows the same but when you scroll down it says 1 active recall for the oil seperator.
  10. Fordson04

    Custom Exhaust

    Looks great. Heck I'd pay to have something like that done!
  11. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent 4WD

    Yes you will need Forscan and an extended license and a obd II adapter. The extended license is free for 2 months or you can pay. I did the paid subscription since it's only 20 for 3 years. Check it out. The site will give you a list of compatible adapters and have help documents.
  12. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent 4WD

    So on Forscan, under IPC, not using as built, i changed this to enable and then did the write.
  13. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent Cruise

    No here is what i changed. Just make sure to backup your modules so you have a copy incase you need to revert back to Stock. All these were done in AS-BUILT Configuration. This is assuming you already have speed sign recognition, as mine did have this just not the IACC. APIM...
  14. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent Cruise

    Sorry just now seeing this. I already had the speed sign recognition so I didn't have to change everything. I believe I had to make a few changes I have them written down. Tomorrow I will pull up Forscan and get some screenshots of what I did change and what my settings look like. You will need...
  15. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent 4WD

    Haha that's just the way it displays. Not sure why but since it didn't even have the option I'll take it. The front and rear bars move up as more power is added to the wheels
  16. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent 4WD

    Yes this was on my BB.
  17. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent 4WD

    I was able to activate the screen on my BB this weekend with Forscan!
  18. Fordson04

    Big Bend Intelligent Cruise

    Update: Still nothing from the dealer I gave up dealing with them. Got the usual we havent heard back or we playing phone tag BS. But I was able to activate that option in Forscan and works great.
  19. Fordson04

    Rear Door Locks

    Do you think its related to this TSB. If i tap the hatch release once it will deactivate it and just flash the lights whenever I try to open the hatch. Doing the double...
  20. Fordson04

    Anyone Else Enjoy the Intelligent 4WD Display?

    If you have Forscan us big bend owners can turn it on. I just did today. Not as pretty as the higher trims with the bigger screen but was still neat to watch the bars as I was accelerating on my lil test drive after turning it on.