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  1. Warpious

    Silly Question about Turbos

    So this is the first vehicle I've had with a turbo engine. We'll be going up to pretty high elevation this weekend so I'm excited to have the turbo. I know Ford "recommends" premium for best performance, I normally use regular 86 and haven't had any issues. Going to 10k feet though would...
  2. Warpious

    Memorial Day Road Trips

    Anyone else taking a Memorial day road trip? We were supposed to meet my brother in law and his family in the Lincoln National Forest in NM till they shut it down yesterday. Looking like we're gunna make the longer trek up to South Fork Colorado area. Trying to get in our first real trail...
  3. Warpious

    Headwind vs Tailwind

    Just did about 700 miles round trip from DFW to San Antonio, a little around town there, and then back in our BS BL. Had about 2100 miles on it when we left, and right about 2800 now. Only major change that would affect MPG I've made is I put on the Cooper AT3 4S in a 245/65/17 size. I was...
  4. Warpious

    Parking Brake

    Alright so I may just be paranoid here but I've noticed several times if say the wife pulls the vehicle into the garage and turns the car off I hear a sort of mechanic "buzz" that lasts about a second and a half. Sort of like a parking brake being engaged. It doesn't show up on the main...
  5. Warpious

    License Plate Covers recommendations?

    Has anyone found any cool License plate covers. I've found a couple but they're all from overseas so who know when they might show up. What do y'all have on your sports?
  6. Warpious

    Texas Bronco OffRodeo

    Anyone else planning on doing this? Was looking at dates but haven't scheduled anything yet, if anyone else was thinking of this would be fun to meet up!
  7. Warpious

    Silly question

    I've flipped through both the quick start guide and the owners manual this morning and simply cannot figure out what the up/down arrows with the blue dash next to the trip timer are for or indicating
  8. Warpious

    Weird sound from steering column

    Running errands today and we're hearing a weird sound mainly in parking lots so low speed sounds like it's coming from I think the steering column. It's like a motor or whirl or growl. No warning lights but kind of odd. I'll try to get a video, it doesn't sound like anything I've hear in other...
  9. Warpious

    Tires vs speedometer

    I think with prices going up on everything as quickly as they are I'll be buying tires in the next day or two. I know going from the stock 225 to 245s will affect the speedometer, not dramatically but at least a bit, there's not a way to tell the car what tires it has on it to adjust is there? I...
  10. Warpious


    Just finished running some errands, isn't raining out, just noticed this drip while unloading the car. Looks like water so probably just AC Condenser but figured I'd get y'all's thoughts, it's passenger side
  11. Warpious

    Tire Pressure from Factory

    Looking at the tire pressure from the factory, the tires are at 41-42 psi...that seemed a bit high to me, anyone else experience this? Should I let some air out or is it just because they're new and after a few miles they'll drop off naturally?
  12. Warpious

    Extended Service Plans

    I thought I read somewhere on here but I can't find we have until the standard mfg warranty of 3/36k to add one on or do we need do it at the time of purchase
  13. Warpious

    co-pilot 360 vs 360+

    Hey everyone! I'm sure this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it in a quick search. I'm just making sure I understand the differences. My understanding is the BS comes with co-pilot 360 which includes the adaptive cruise control and lane monitoring, where as the 360+ adds to that...