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  1. Jumbo1953

    Bronco Sport review from body on frame guy.

    Yes, I did find them. I originally thought they all had something to do with the phone. Thanks for your help.
  2. Jumbo1953

    Bronco Sport review from body on frame guy.

    Can you send me a picture of that button to change the radio station? Thanks
  3. Jumbo1953

    Bronco Sport review from body on frame guy.

    For me at 5’ 8” the seat is fine and very comfortable but if you are much taller than that I can see a problem. So far I haven’t detected any annoying squeaks. I have experienced the torque steer and it startled me the first time I passed another vehicle. My only complaint with the radio is the...
  4. Jumbo1953

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Update: After a trip total of 1,080 miles I can report that my Bronco Sport performed flawlessly and managed 27.9 mpg. I’m pleased that my Badlands can achieve that kind of gas mileage.
  5. Jumbo1953

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Resting at a cottage in Tennessee after it’s first long trip.
  6. Jumbo1953

    2.0L MPG Fuel Mileage

    Just drove 450 miles from Ohio to Tennessee. Mostly at 70-80 mph. Dash reads 27.7 mpg. My calculations on actual gas pumped comes out to 28.1 mpg. I’m happy with that.
  7. Jumbo1953

    Hood Insulation

    Has anyone in the USA ever had their butt severely burned by a malfunctioning heated seat? Asking for a friend. 😬
  8. Jumbo1953

    when do I get oil changed

    My first oil change was at 4950 miles and 6 months. Had a good discussion with the service department at my local Ford dealership. They told me to stick with the synthetic blend and a 5,000 mile/6 month schedule . They did inform me that they change the oil in all company cars at a 3500 mile/6...
  9. Jumbo1953

    Delivered with missing parts?

    My Bronco Sport arrived with the engine cover glued to the hood but was missing the engine. I feel blessed.
  10. Jumbo1953

    Pleasantly surprised by in person color difference

    Mine is a cactus gray badlands. I’ve had so many people say they love the green/gray color. I’m not much for bright colors. My last 6 vehicles were either white or black. Cactus gray was my breakout color. Maybe I’m colorblind?
  11. Jumbo1953

    12 Month 7300 Mile Review of Bronco Sport Badlands

    We have had our Badlands for 7 months and 6,000 miles with no major issues other than the replacement of the manual shift cable. Our local Ford dealer has a top notch service department. That said, we love our BS even with some quirkiness in its build. We traded a 2019 Acura RDX on the BS...
  12. Jumbo1953

    Anybody else use ceramic coatings?

    Sorry I took so long to reply. It was included with my extended warranty so I can’t tell you the exact amount. I’m totally happy with it though.
  13. Jumbo1953

    How come we haven't talked about gas prices? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    If you are worried at all about the price of gas you should have purchased a hybrid or electric vehicle. I don’t even consider gas mileage when I buy a vehicle. Everyone should know ahead of their purchase if they can afford the vehicle if gas spikes. If $5/gal gas means you can’t afford to...
  14. Jumbo1953

    What the flip kip?

    I’m still willing to sell my engine cover for $2,500 but I won’t agree to include the little green light. ?
  15. Jumbo1953

    Dealer-mark up on existing customer orders

    They can do what they want but I would be willing to bet that loyalty means nothing to them. I’m thankful my dealer doesn’t stoop so low. I just checked their prices and none of them are marked above MSRP. People will remember this time period and will be wary of the dealers that felt compelled...
  16. Jumbo1953

    Dealer-mark up on existing customer orders

    My dealer is like the one you dealt with. No markup, $500 rebate, and 0.9% financing. I can’t believe FMC allows dealers to mark up prices like the example I gave. Thank god my hometown Ford dealer is honest.
  17. Jumbo1953

    Dealer-mark up on existing customer orders

    I just had to share this. A Ford Dealership just about 20 miles from me has a new F-150 for sale at $86,000. If you click on the window sticker the total MSRP is just over $60,000. Does FMC approve of this? All the vehicles they have listed are marked up substantially.