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  1. Comparison between Crosstrek, Sport, and Cherokee

    So Ive been cross shopping the Cherokee Trailhawk..... and I like it. Not sure what to do.
  2. Need review: 245/65R17 off road w/ Big Bend?

    This is the real question we need answered.
  3. I hate the white letters!

    Dude. Unless you’ve licensed these designs from Ford, you’re gonna get a love letter from their lawyers.
  4. Roof basket vs. Roof box

    Thats the same one Ive been using. Yea you can't keep it on while hitting steep inclines. BUT, you can fit a ton of stuff on one.
  5. Roof basket vs. Roof box

    I have a hitch carrier I use all the time - its great. Just put everything that can't get wet in a dry bag. Then can easily hold hundreds of pounds.
  6. New Bronco Sport Owners Break In Period

    I have never in my life followed ANY of these break-in guidelines Im reading here. Ive also never had any major engine troubles.
  7. NEW TIRES on BS Big Bend (Falken WildPeak A/T3W -- 245/65R17)

    This has been my concern with 245/65s. But I figure.... Im getting a badlands so there's also a little more clearance, so its probably fine? I dont want the rubber rubbing when off road though. We need more in depth reports from people doing this size tire. PLEASE!
  8. Roof basket vs. Roof box

    How about a platform? Yakima LocknLoad looks pretty great.
  9. I reserved a full size Bronco but I want to jump ship for a Bronco Sport Badlands. Where can I buy now?

    Badlands trim units are especially difficult to find it seems. Best bet is to just et in touch with as many dealers as you can and ask them to get in touch if one shows up - then follow up every few days.
  10. Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Nice. Looking more and more like the 245/65 K02s on the Badlands are what Im gonna do. Freaking spectacular.
  11. Factory PIN for Keyless Entry

    Pretty sure you just place your key in to the center console
  12. Big Bronco Off-Road Trail GPS Data source?

    So I know the big bronco is going to have a GPS that includes off-road trails and such. Whats the data source for that?
  13. Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Any idea what tires those are? Look like K02s?
  14. So any tracking info?

    What’s the significance of the date change on the sticker? Does it also change while in the production process?
  15. December 2020 Build Date Issues

    I placed mine in august. Still started production 12/21.
  16. On-Road vs Off-Road Crossbars?

    Those Yakima bars are spendy - but I'm pretty sure that's what I'm gonna go with.
  17. Smaller wheels, fatter tires.. what do you all think of this?

    Yea my dealer had no interest in giving me any sort of credit. I figure I can sell a set for $400 pretty easy - just a question of how long they'll have to sit in my garage before someone that needs that exact size finds my FB or craigslist listing I guess.
  18. Bronco Sport Quality in Real Life

    Can anyone else confirm this?