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  1. OB a week later

    Used sport for the 1st time today after getting 1,000 miles on the odometer. Find that compared to Normal it definitely makes the Sport quicker to respond to throttle input. I'm thinking that's because the Sport mode holds on to the revs longer, keeping you in the "meat" of the power band...
  2. After a good 250 mile drive today, some thoughts.

    I keep that on 'aid' without the alert, tested it out a couple of times & works pretty good. I find that it pushes you from the centerline & doesn't "bounce" you like a pinball that other systems seem to do. You still need to do the steering in the assist mode, in lane centering it will keep you...
  3. Need quick favor - Show me heated steering wheel?

    Any one else with OCD that is driven crazy by the heated steering wheel being on the passenger side of the row instead of in the blank space between the driver's heated seat & - fan button!?!?! My head is going to pop, why did they do that!?!?! :angry:🤦‍♂️
  4. Price negotiating with dealer??

    There isn't a big difference between the MSRP & Invoice, $1,000 is still a good deal when there's some dealers marking up over MSRP by $10,000.
  5. MPGs

    With only 350mi on my Big Bend, I took a highway road trip of 400mi @70-75mpg (no cruise control - breaking in) and temps in the 40s & I was able to get 31.4mpg (hand calculated, said 32.5 in the trip info). Not bad at all considering it's rated for 28mpg Hwy!
  6. Price negotiating with dealer??

    You may be on to something there, I also had a Ford Pass account before buying the BS, perhaps that's how/why we got our points right away???
  7. NEW TIRES on BS Big Bend (Falken WildPeak A/T3W -- 245/65R17)

    the 65 refers to the sidewalls or 65% of 225/245, so the size of the sidewalls are 225 x .65 and 245 x .65, so the 245s are 1 inch taller than the 225s.
  8. NEW TIRES on BS Big Bend (Falken WildPeak A/T3W -- 245/65R17)

    No, the circumference of the tire is larger than the original tire, thus the tire will have less revolutions per mile, hence if you're going 70mph according to the speedometer you're actually going 72mph.
  9. Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    I thought that too, $300 - 42,000pts. But when I used my points to get the mats they took almost all of it. When I asked why they were taking so many points they told me that the conversion is 0.005 x 1pt. So 42,000pts = $210. Make sure you get that verified or else you might be in for a...
  10. My thoughts after a weekend roadtrip

    What kind of MPGs were you getting on the Hwy? What speed were you going?
  11. Recirculation Button

    Ya, sucking in diesel fumes when you're stuck behind a truck kind of defeats the purpose of a recirculation button that turns itself off on you. :explode:
  12. Recirculation Button

    Whenever I hit the recirculation button it lights up & then about 5 minutes later or less it automatically switches itself back to outside air intake. I understand that this happens in some cars when the humidity level starts rising so it pulls in fresh air to avoid fog building up on the...
  13. New Bronco Sport Owners Break In Period

    No need to avoid freeways, just don't use cruise control & you'll be constantly changing speeds when you flow with the traffic.
  14. Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    They also raised the price $160 on Dec. 23rd, so it's more like a $340 rebate, but it's still something. The 0.9% rate is a great deal however, that should save you more than the rebate $$$
  15. Price negotiating with dealer??

    I had my points the next day & just used them to buy the all weather floor mats. Didn't even have to wait the 6mos!
  16. Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”!

    I have the Big Bend 3cyl, didn't test the 4cyl so I can't say what that 1 felt like, but ya, sometimes I don't even realize that it's shutting off/turning on at a stop light. I don't even bother turning the system off because it doesn't annoy me like many others do.
  17. Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”!

    Not sure why everyone dislikes this feature in the BS, it's practically imperceptible IMO? The only start/stop that I've ever not notice was in a hybrid Rav4, this is about as close as you can come to a hybrid in an ICE vehicle.