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  1. Ordered a few weeks ago, should I have received an email confirmation by now?

    Hi there, My order confirmation email from Ford came in immediately, same day as when dealer told me they submitted it. Your dealer can pull up status with estimated price and options in WBDO anytime so you can get an idea of price, the order number, options/spec, etc. Here is mine for...
  2. A long wait to end in disappointment (Today I saw the Bronco Sport I ordered)

    To be clear, I don't think the difference is rear seats b/w OB and BL. On BL (and those with tow package), there is a full size spare and the cargo area deck is raised up by small amount. This lines it up more with height of rear seats and makes it look more flat. Floor Height with donut...
  3. Surprise - my Badlands included Remote Start

    Yes. I was told any bronco sport has ability to lock, unlock, remote start from FordPass app, though i am curious if it applies to Base as that doesn't have push-button start. Apparently packages give you added ability to do that from key/remote as well. Definitely not clear on Ford site.
  4. Official AREA 51 Bronco Sport Thread

    Adding photos of my A51 BL w/ optional 'steelies'
  5. Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    wow they sure don't make it easy... Would be so nice just to use Ford's own parts website but it doesn't allow that.
  6. Synthentic Blend to Full Synthetic?

    Has anyone done an oil change themselves on a BS yet to provide any context on ease? Especially curious about badlands, if the bash plates have to be removed.
  7. Thule HD Crossbar Roof Rack System installed

    Ford Parts site just cancelled my order, 15 days after placing it, saying Thule cross bars are backordered indefinitely, no ETA. I called my local dealer and they had 2 available, and agreed to honor my online price. Annoying but at least a path forward.
  8. Ford offering 0% APR financing on 2021 Bronco Sport

    Ford incentives / APR last are updated every couple months. The current ones (lowered APR, added $500 rebate) were put in place 1/6/21, expect them to be the same until early March.
  9. Carpet Protection Is a Must for me

    Ford told me expect them within 30 days of purchase, but could arrive earlier. Sounds like many received it within a few days/week.
  10. Post Your Bronco Sport - Off-Roading Videos

    Enjoyed the videos, very high quality
  11. Insurance premium quotes?

    Thanks all for the thoughts. I had initially added Bronco Sport to my Geico insurance last week, surprised how spendy it was considering i've had them for over a decade for a good price. Switched to Progressive today, better coverage and lower deductible, and it was ~650/yr cheaper. Quite a...
  12. Is everyone's fordpass remote start/lock/unlock feature down right now?

    haha i did the exact same thing, removed it and re-added in hopes it would suddenly provide the points like it has for others. Now i can't unlock/lock or remote start with an error message saying FordPass not responding try again later. Ford gave me the same response too. I doubt it's their...
  13. Surprise - my Badlands included Remote Start

    Interesting good to know. Didn't realize there was a different keyfob if you got the package. I actually prefer the app over the key. I guess 'remote start' could be taken a couple ways, start remotely or literally from the remote ;)
  14. Price negotiating with dealer??

    took delivery this week (absolutely love everything about it). X-plan was fantastic, recommend it as it simplifies everything. Max doc fee is $100, and it took ~1k off MSRP. Ford rebate could be used with it (500) more off, and don't forget to take off the $100 you already gave dealer if you...
  15. Surprise - my Badlands included Remote Start

    Not sure if this has been covered already, but one minor suprise was that my Badlands included Remote Start even though I didn't get the Badlands Pkg. On the Build and Price, it clearly says standard only with OuterBanks and First Edition, available on Big Bend and Badlands with respective BB...
  16. Build to Deliver - Timeframe

    I'm assuming yours was shipped immediately? Mine had a slight delay and shipped 12/28. Took 16 days, arrived to Seattle 1/13.
  17. First Area51 Bronco at Area51 - Do I win a prize?

    Twin with different wheels!
  18. Thule HD Crossbar Roof Rack System installed

    I did Bowen Scarff Ford in Kent, WA. I chatted with their parts dept who said it's direct shipped from Ford regardless of which dealer you pick, the dealer is not involved.
  19. Roof basket vs. Roof box

    This is a good discussion. I'm going with just roof rail crossbars as kayak carrying will be primary use-case, though locknload might work for that too.
  20. Bronco Sport Quality in Real Life

    Snapshot from a video. I'm not expert on wraps. Look like paint or vinyl wrap to this crowd?