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  1. Not one but TWO car seats? Yep, it’ll work.

    My car seat doesn’t fit without moving the seat up to an uncomfortable position. I have it in the middle right now.
  2. Twin clutch AWD + Torque vectoring explanation?
  3. NEW TIRES on BS Big Bend (Falken WildPeak A/T3W -- 245/65R17)

    I know there have been multiple reports that 245/65/17 tires have no rubbing "lock to lock", but I don't think that really satisfies all possible concerns. What about when there is some slight articulation of the suspension like when turning into a driveway? Or full articulation while...
  4. NEW TIRES on BS Big Bend (Falken WildPeak A/T3W -- 245/65R17)

    Is it possible to make an adjustment so speedometer matches? Or is that something that you just live with?
  5. Superlite Rooftop Tent for Bronco Sport

    Of course you can load over it, but it will impact the performance of the antenna and associated equipment. As you can see in the picture, that tent folds up and stops blocking antenna when you are on the move. Roof rack in OP would provide no such relief while moving from A to B.
  6. Superlite Rooftop Tent for Bronco Sport

    If you move it up enough so that the antenna is not squished, it will be over hanging the windshield a good bit.
  7. Superlite Rooftop Tent for Bronco Sport

    Why did you order this? It's 90" long. That's way too big for the bronco sport.
  8. Bronco Sport custom job: body colored grille + vents and 2" lift

    Thought it was funny they mentioned their warranty right after mentioning the 2 inch lift.
  9. Raptor grille light ideas?

    Now I just need to find some Cheetos.
  10. Spare Tire Foam Tray uses.

    No, the metal screws are stuck in place. They were barely holding foam in place with plastic bits inserted into the foam. You can also just pop the foam back into place and it holds.
  11. Spare Tire Foam Tray uses.

    I guess I should mention that taking them out, leaves an exposed screw threaded from underneath somewhere. I just left the screw in place for now.
  12. Spare Tire Foam Tray uses.

    I took the foam out. Far more usable space now.
  13. TOOK DELIVERY! Have questions?

    driver door: driver dash: center dash: rear driver door:n
  14. Very Impressed with Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+

    It's easy to confuse them because different manufacturers refer to things differently and have different levels of operation. The standard Copilot360 has the lane-keeping system. The Lane-keeping System is a safety feature that detects when your vehicle is drifting out of the lane. It can...
  15. Very Impressed with Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+

    Yeah, that's why it's nice that you can manually adjust it up and down still. Maybe, they will update it in the future. I doubt it, though, because larger buffer's become more of an issue at lower speeds. Right now, I've left it enabled because it gets me in the ball park to start. Also like...
  16. Very Impressed with Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+

    I took delivery of a fully loaded Badlands, yesterday. I don't have much to say about it that hasn't already been said. I'm loving so far. However, I haven't seen that much said about its more advanced driving features so I thought I'd share some impressions. I went into the settings and...
  17. Canceling an Order

    These could be orders where the owner decides they don't want it on delivery.
  18. Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Just got called that mines waiting at the dealership. I’m out of town for the holidays unfortunately.