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  1. Nighthawk

    Transporting lumber

    What about securing them on top? I’m sure you can set it up somehow like that. At least it’ll save your interior a bit longer.
  2. Nighthawk


    It’s a possibility because I want to protect my vehicle, especially; from parking lot dings. So, I’m really considering getting the vehicle wrapped which may cover the stickers anyway. I really want to protect the original paint job, plus I can custom design any type details. Not sure yet. I’ll...
  3. Nighthawk

    Collectibility of First Editions

    Yeah, I can see it from several different stand points. I think I’d be wise to see just what makes an automobile a collectible type. Build a list of what puts a vehicle in that category and compare it to whatever vehicle you think may have potential. With the Bronco sport it seems to be one of...
  4. Nighthawk

    Collectibility of First Editions

    Looking at the growing popularity worldwide of the Bronco sport, what do you think the collectibility of the First Edition Bronco Sport May be? With that being the question, it would determine how much wear and tear a person would actually put on these limited first of its kind models. I’m just...
  5. Nighthawk

    Bronco Sport Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I do not believe that this site represents all of the Ford Bronco Sport orders. The reason I think this way is only because this site is not an official Ford site nor a number of potential buyers are going to post on here. Some factors will be due to some people not knowing about this site, some...
  6. Nighthawk

    Order Deposit Amount?

    Just make sure whatever you do that you get in writing before sending your hard earned money out. I have a Sport on order and I'm planning to purchase either way. If I don't like the final product, I'll just drive it until the Big Bronco is ready and do a trade. If I don't think I can hold out...
  7. Nighthawk

    Video: Stock 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands vs Lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon at Moab

    These are the kind of videos of the Bronco and Bronco Sport that the consumer is wanting. Proving the capabilities Ford promotes. Great job! My hats off to that little stick of dynamite called the Bronco Sport. Keep them coming in for all of us to track.