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  1. Jrl

    Custom or Aftermarket Grille

    Or like this .
  2. Jrl

    Not very observant!

    One car that I owned was a 2010 M K S Lincoln, it had that feature , the lights actually turned in the direction of travel .
  3. Jrl

    Waiting room

    You will definitely enjoy the color.
  4. Jrl

    Removing SPORT Badge

  5. Jrl

    Insurance increase for Bronco Sport

    Ouch , I think we all go through that stuff , part of being a parent, be blessed that your child is here with you . Life happens .
  6. Jrl

    20% off Ford Accessories

    You might want to try black door edging.
  7. Jrl

    Waiting room

    What’s the big deal about a haircut ?
  8. Jrl

    OEM Hitch Install for 2022 Badlands

    I would ask for the owner of that business. And ask if it is acceptable work that is a reflection of his or her company.
  9. Jrl

    Ford OEM Trailer Hitch Wiring

    Gone are the day’s of true customer service , it is like finding the golden key . Very few are into helping someone that has dropped 50 thousand. They do exist but are difficult to come by .Call them out if good and call them out if they are not . That’s the only way a owner will ever know...
  10. Jrl

    Raptor grill accent lights

    Did you just put in into #3 fuse block and then ground it ? Thanks
  11. Jrl

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Did you wire them to the side park lights ? That’s what my thoughts would be , your advice ?
  12. Jrl

    Bash Plates

    Front , drivers side , and gas tank .
  13. Jrl

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Yes the hood deflector , my side tags are first edition markings .
  14. Jrl

    Bash Plates

  15. Jrl

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Actually that comes off with rubbing alcohol .
  16. Jrl

    Bash Plates

    This can answer that ?
  17. Jrl

    Garage space question

    74.5 high
  18. Jrl

    Bronco Sport stealth Road Pirate

    Blind spot monitoring , I think it was first edition and badlands and outer banks package.I do not have 360 + , not happy about that .
  19. Jrl

    Bronco Sport stealth Road Pirate

    I am not seeing sensors on the bumper, I think not a badlands.