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  1. fourthgear

    Strange Leak

    On that Gray Boot for the Brake Peddle Master cylinder Piston Rod looks like it has oil drip on it where the shaft comes through , can't get it blown up enough to see for sure . I say this because brake fluid can leak from that shaft seal on the master cylinder , just a guess .
  2. fourthgear

    10,000 miles and 22.4 mpg

    Ours gets normally 28 MPG & thats not highway .
  3. fourthgear

    Auto car wash problem

    Well your question about why the second Thread , was also acting like a Dick , what would you expect . Why did you respond ? Sure gets entertaining around these Forums .
  4. fourthgear

    Rear tow hook

    Our 2021 BS has the cut out , but nothing behind it, with Tow package . I just looked & didn't see any threaded socket to screw an Eyelet into . i
  5. fourthgear

    Rear tow hook

    It never seems to amaze me how people think Ford should supply everything someone might need for every situation that might arise . Maybe they should supply a fully equipped recover tow truck with every vehicle . I also can't believe someone would have an issue with a screw in hook thats...
  6. fourthgear

    Blower Fan Problems in TX Heat

    Contact your Ford dealer .
  7. fourthgear

    Badlands in deep sand - personal review

    I would say "LOW" is first gear on the OB trim ( could be 2 nd), I forgot the fist time to switch the low off & drove the side street off the Beach , then onto a highway ,the BS acted like it was in first , got to almost 40 mph before I realized it wasn't going to shift & remembered to switch...
  8. fourthgear

    Badlands in deep sand - personal review

    I use Sand mode & low also in deep Sand , works fine .The first time I didn't take traction control off & the factory air in the Michelin m/s Tires was 41# & still had no issues .
  9. fourthgear

    Buschurs Maverick 2.0 catch can

    I personally just don't buy the whole catch can thing , its your engine do what you want with it . That piston damage has nothing to do with a Catch can . It could happen to any engine , depending on many factors . I do agree with that guy ion the video about long oil change intervals , my...
  10. fourthgear

    Folding Headrests

    So , the Head Rests don't fold down , but can be removed in a minute or two , what's the problem ? Or just move the seat forward a bit to fold the seats down . Sometimes I am in wonder of the things brought up here . I hardly ever fold the seats down , I guess some here do , When I first did ...
  11. fourthgear

    Rear tow hook

    I'm not sure why some here think Ford should supply recovery equipment with the BS , in any model . If you think you will need recovery equipment for your daily or weekend use , purchase what you need & believe will hold up to your usage . Just how many 4x4's have you purchased that come with...
  12. fourthgear

    Just had to laugh 😂

    One of two tings , the wiper blade is bad/ gone or it didn't clean well enough & this was their fix .:rolleyes:
  13. fourthgear

    This is gonna be an issue

    I looked at our BS last night & am wondering how that mud got into that inside door area . There is a seal on the Door & there is a lip on the Body side , I have never cleaned that area when washing the BS , I used to wipe down my Super duty , because it must have gotten water in that area ,like...
  14. fourthgear

    Want to cherry bomb the muffler

    Had them on my 66 Nova SS bolted directly to the Headers collector's , still remember the sound , loud !
  15. fourthgear

    This is gonna be an issue

    I wonder about the Door gap , we have went on some dirty roads & have nothing in there at all , what tires Dom you have on the BS ?, aftermarket rims ?, spacers on the rim. for cleanse issues ? Just curious , maybe just a Bad Lands issue with certain Tires . How come this is the first I have...
  16. fourthgear

    Fast clicking turn signal

    They helped me when I had a leaking suspension mount ( yes a liquid filled mount ) , I posted here & as above contacted me & my Dealer & fixed the issue . There is a thread on it here somewhere , I will post a link when I find time to look . I'm happy with their participation here ,to me its a...
  17. fourthgear

    This is gonna be an issue

    Well I'm not sure about your rear door(s) , may be a seal issue . Every vehicle has pockets where debris can accumulate , cleaning normally clears it up . Just how many are having issues with the placement of the ECU ? hundreds , thousands or just a couple ? Owners manual clearly states how...
  18. fourthgear

    Oops. I think I broke it. I know nothing about determining severity.

    Scrap the BS , it has road rash & it will probably not go away . :crying::cwl: Ya want to play with Rocks , this is what happens , they always leave a signature . I see nothing to worry about , just battle scares .
  19. fourthgear

    RECALL on oil separator

    Got our recall letter yesterday , May 19th appointment for inspection . Will have the works done while there , Tires need to be rotated anyway .No leaks that I can see .
  20. fourthgear

    Door Step

    Anyone think that safety latch was meant to take a persons weight ?