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  1. GulfCoastBronco

    255/65/17 Tires - No lift?

    I would say mild off roading. Even that would be mostly deep sand. A few smaller mud ruts but I don’t think I’ve ever fully pushed articulation.
  2. GulfCoastBronco

    255/65/17 Tires - No lift?

    Toyo Open Country AT3. And I do have ReadyLift 1.5” SST kit
  3. GulfCoastBronco

    Center console organizer

    I utilize the space under this more than I thought I would. No real need for this. Pay shipping and it’s yours. PM for deets.
  4. GulfCoastBronco

    255/65/17 Tires - No lift?

    I run 235/65/18 listed as 30”. 7,000 miles 1 rotation, asked for more inspection of rubbing, none found. I would love to go bigger but not at expense of rubbing or trimming.
  5. GulfCoastBronco

    Happy Fathers Day

    My employees, who I’m sure are tired of my constant Bronco talk had this shirt made for me. 😂Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and Bronco dads
  6. GulfCoastBronco

    Removing SPORT Badge

    Same. There is a couple threads on advice/questions of methods used. Rear letters vs trim badge removal as well.
  7. GulfCoastBronco

    Tires and sizing

    No snow down on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Driven on soft sand regularly and done well. Hardly use sand mode and no issues. Minor off roading including some freshly rained muddy spots and still no issues. No rubbing for me but I’m not pushing the limits of the Bronco either.
  8. GulfCoastBronco

    Should I switch to premium fuel?

    First 1,000 miles I was around 22 mpg as well. I tried to not give it much thought and hoped it would even out. I’m around 7,500 and getting closer to 26 mpg now. I’ve only reset my mpg calculation 1 time and it shows 25.5 mpg for life of engine so far. I believe it will level off.
  9. GulfCoastBronco

    Tires and sizing

    I have Toyo Open Country AT3 235/65/18 and have loved every mile
  10. GulfCoastBronco

    Official SHADOW BLACK Bronco Sport Thread

    7,000 mile wash and clay bar on the Outer Banks today.
  11. GulfCoastBronco

    Left Window Open - Wet Seat - Help!

    Seat should remove just the same, as the storage is inside of the seat not under it. That’s how the dealer can offer to upgrade those without the storage.
  12. GulfCoastBronco

    Left Window Open - Wet Seat - Help!

    I would remove the back seat and make sure you have everything dried off. And allow it dry out completely to make sure you don’t have an odor moving forward. It’s actually pretty easy to remove.
  13. GulfCoastBronco

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    First tire rotation. Both associates at Discount Tire loved the look of the Bronco Sport.
  14. GulfCoastBronco

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Drove through the park on my way home. Just wanted to grab a little mud
  15. GulfCoastBronco

    Roof Rack Manufacturer..???

    Here’s another low profile option as well
  16. GulfCoastBronco

    Roof Rack Manufacturer..???

    It looks like the Spider Roof Rack to me. Not entirely sure.
  17. GulfCoastBronco

    Hood shaking at speed - what Mitsubishi did

    I’ve been meaning to make a thread about this (again) but keep forgetting. I have no hood insulator and also experienced the hood shake. However, I have seen it decrease over time. 6,500 miles doing probably 75-80% highway driving at 75mph give or take. And I have noticed a big time decrease in...
  18. GulfCoastBronco

    Headwind vs Tailwind

    Question I have is, when you are cruise control at 80 are you doing 80? Or did the tire size change any read outs? That could also effect if you’re going faster than you realize. I think I should go to San Antonio now to test my mpg 😂😂
  19. GulfCoastBronco

    Headliner color

    Thanks to this thread I got in my Shadow Black Outer Banks and the drastic change in color from dash to A pillar to headliner and was like “well I’ll be a son of a gun, it is odd”. 😂😂
  20. GulfCoastBronco

    Tires Size with stock height

    235/65/18 I put on post lift but I don’t think it would’ve been an issue before either.