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  1. JRav007

    Auto Start/Stop Disabled?

    I think I’ve mentioned it in other is the ONLY feature I really don’t like at all.
  2. JRav007

    Bronco ForScan Thread

    Wow! A lot of this goes waaaaaaay over my head tbh. But the possibility of activating remote start and the such is enticing. Does doing all this stuff void the warranty or anything like that?
  3. JRav007

    My thoughts after a weekend roadtrip

    Great review! I dig that color. I’m loving mine as well even though I haven’t had the chance to test it in the elements like you have! Now that you mention it, my Apple play has glitched a bunch as well...not the biggest deal, but worth noting.
  4. JRav007

    Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”! all honesty...I find it to be a pretty rough restart when I go to take my foot off the brake and accelerate when it is enabled...almost to the point of what I would describe as a “shudder”. Is this not the case on yours? Kind of makes me want to go to the dealership and see how it...
  5. JRav007

    Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”!

    Whoa! Thanks for the tip! The auto Stop/Start truly is the only feature I’ve come across so far that I really dislike.
  6. JRav007

    Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”!

    Me too! After my first black car I swore I’d never get another bc of how quickly all the little dings and scrapes started to show up...but this just looked tooooooo sharp. If I end up loving this thing as much as I’m sure I’m going too...I’ll probably do something like get it painted a classic...
  7. JRav007

    Just got my Bronco Sport “Big Bend”!

    Wow! I went in to my local dealer kinda sorta interested in one last week. After the test drive I was instantly sold on it and had it delivered to me on Saturday AM! So far I’m loving everything about this from the look to the feel to the little details. It’s a pretty basic Big Bend model with...